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    Swim Spa Vs. Pool

    November 22, 2015


    Swim Spas are super cool; I can't deny their appeal. Spa and Pool in one nifty little package. Perfect for small spaces or indoor areas, swim spas are neat and tidy additions to any home or backyard.

    But ~ they just aren't pools.

    Fun & Games

    swim-spas-or-pools-which-is-betterIf you have plans to use the Swim Spa for entertaining, it won't get much attention, not even from kids. A Pool Party may not involve a Swim Spa, sorry. And, I suppose that you could fit a pool float into a Swim Spa, but come on...really?

    Can you imagine a game of Marco Polo or Sharks 'n Minnows, or even a treasure hunt, in a Swim Spa? It's just too small to toss a pool ball back and forth, and (chuckle) your volleyball game will be limited to 2 players on each side.

    When thinking about Fun & Games, Pools are much more fun, sorry swim spas!

    Swimming Skills

    pools-are-better-than-swim-spasOne great use of a swimming pool is to use it to teach young people to swim. Sure a swim spa can also be used to teach stroke skills, but it has limitations for practicing skills. Even on slow flow speeds, the turbulence and noise makes it harder for novice swimmers to keep themselves aligned and causes overwork or strain. Surface waves make it harder for beginners to breathe to the side.

    Inground pools have much more real estate for free swimming with only the water's resistance, and are therefore better for teaching swimming to your kids or grandkids (or neighbor kids!).


    Now the 'purists' will tell you that a Swim Spa is all about Fitness; you can row, swim, jog, and that's true. But there are a few things you can do in a swimming pool that you can't do in a swim spa.

    You can't tread water or Aqua Jog in a swim spa, most are only 36" deep. You can't do somersaults under water, or deep end rocket jumps (two of my favorite pool activities). And you can't swim normally, not really. Swimming in a swim spa is quite different than swimming in a pool. its-not-a-pool

    And for Kid Fitness, forget about it. You can't play diving games or pool basketball or have diving contests. It's not deep enough for underwater tea parties or using any of the fun underwater pool toys that kids love so much.

    Kids will spend hours in a swimming pool, naturally burning energy while improving swimming skills. But a Swim Spa? Kids be Like, Meh.

    What's Better than a Swim Spa?

    A Swim Spa Pool! Imagine, if you will - a rectangular 12'x24' inground pool kit with walk-in steps on one end. In the deep end of the pool, you install a bench seat with several large wall nozzles. Connected to these jets are two 2 Hp High Flow pool pumps, and your pool filter pump.

    Turn on the pumps and you have an instant bench seat with hydromassage - and, a swim spa system! Use 1, 2 or all 3 pumps at a time, depending on how strong you want the water flow.

    Even with buying and installing 2 extra pool pumps with your filter system, it's still a lot cheaper than using the 5 hp Swim Spa systems. 'Swim Spa Systems' for pools can set you back nearly $10K, why-pools-are-better-than-swim-spasbut you can add a Swim Spa to any SPP Pool Kit for waaay less, by using our inground pool swim spa method.

    In addition; by just installing valves and more plumbing pipes, you can use one or more pumps to power water features such as cascades, waterfalls, rainfalls or spouts. Plus, common pool pumps are cheap to fix and cheap to replace, unlike specialty 'Swim Spa System' equipment.

    We've helped thousand of homeowners design and build the pool of their dreams, including lap pools, sport pools, therapy pools and also many swim spa pools. Give us a call and let us help you create your own inground pool / swim spa, from 8'x16', or any size or shape you want!

    You can build your own inground pool, and we can show you how!  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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