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    Surprise your Family with a Pool Kit this Holiday

    December 8, 2014


    When it comes to shopping for gifts for your family for the Holidays it can become quite a process trying to come up with the perfect gifts for your loved ones. I know when I start my shopping for the holidays, I have to think long and hard of what gifts to purchase for my wife and children.

    Since a swimming pool is too large to put under the Christmas tree you'll have to think of some unique way to "wrap" a pool. I had a customer last year that purchased an inground pool for his family as a surprise Christmas gift but under the tree he wrapped a Mr. Turtle pool and told his family he purchased them a new pool. The kids were excited but the wife was extremely disappointed, until he showed them colored photos of the pool, and everyone was ecstatic! My customer called me back and told me the expressions on their faces were priceless.

    There’s still time! Lots of time to do planning before the big purchase. Call us today for help in laying the ground work for the best Christmas or Hanukkah ever!


    success-kid-builds-poolBuilding your inground pool make the dream come true, it does this by actually making the cost of a pool affordable. By installing the inground DIY inground pool kit yourself; with some help from your family and friends or hired labor - will save you thousands of dollars compared to a local contractor. Another benefit of building your own inground pool is that you create your own backyard paradise. Because you built it, you will so much more enjoy the swimming, relaxation or floating in the sun on your pool lounge chair in your own backyard.

    I actually built my own inground pool in my own backyard and I can personally say this one of the best investments I have ever made. My kids are in the pool just about every day in the summer your home will soon become a central gathering place for friends and Neighbors. Also with a having a self-installed inground pool kit in my own backyard allows us to have birthday parties and holiday parties by the pool side.

    And, after a tough day at work on a summer day there is nothing better than coming home and jumping into my inground pool. Any stress I might have had during the work day disappears while I enjoy quality time with my wife and children in our back yard inground swimming pool.

    Ask your local building inspector to find out what is required.  There are many different options for fencing to choose from which will act as the most crucial safety barrier for your inground pool.


    Before purchasing your own inground pool kit from us check with a local installer and compare our price to his price for the same pool installed.  You will see that building the pool yourself or even utilizing our Rent a Randy installation program you will save a ton of money compared to the local contractor.

    My customer last year purchased a 20’x40’ Rectangle inground pool kit with an automatic cover for his wife and kids for Christmas.image puch'd from istock The total cost for the pool kit, cover and several upgrades, was $24,000, plus $5 grand to hire our installer to help assist with the project, plus another $10000 for supplies, materials and labor. The same pool kit -  installed from a local vinyl pool builder was $75000! Saved over $35,000 bucks! Ka-Ching!

    This customer sent me a nice photo of his pool with his kids smiling (see right) and told me this was going to be his Christmas card and was planning on mailing me one for the Holidays. Soon after, the neighbor of this customer, called me and plan on building the same pool in the Spring.


    Let's get right down to it, shall we? Complete inground pool kit prices start at $5000. Larger sizes, or equipment options, plus supplies and materials generally brings the average pool kit price up to $7500, or ranging from $5-9K. These are complete inground pool kit prices, but it doesn't include:

    • Excavator
    • Electrician
    • Concrete & Gravel
    • Dirt Hauling
    • Pool Floor Material
    • Pool Deck Material
    • Rent a Randy or paid labor

    Add in these additional costs, and the average pool kit can be built for $15-25,000. Larger pools with luxury touches such as attached spas, raised wall, custom stonework, water features, or extensive decking can run $20-40,000, depending on how many touches you add to the project. A pool budget is helpful, in addition to other steps in staying organized during a DIY inground pool project.

    Want more detail? See the sample pool kit prices on our website, or take a look at a post I wrote on pool kit pricing and construction costs.

    Surprise your family this holiday season with an inground pool kit!  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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