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    SPP's Inground Pool Kit Installation Assistance Program

    February 28, 2013


    Randy Wilcox - our professional pool installer
    Randy Wilcox

    Are you a handy homeowner thinking about building a DIY inground pool, but would like to hire a professional to manage the entire operation?The Rent A Randy program is an installation assistance program to help you build your own inground swimming pool. Randy Wilcox is our own professional pool kit installer, and he travels the country with his son Nate, building one inground swimming pool kit each week.

    Rent-A-Randy is exclusive to Specialty Pool Products customers, and no other online swimming pool kit company has such a service.

    Q: How Much Does the Rent-A-Randy Pool Kit Installation COST?

    A: There is a $500 deposit made to reserve the pool installation date, with the balance due on completion. Current Rent-A-Randy fees are shown below. It's a very small amount to pay for the expertise, and being able to complete the job in just 3-5 days is priceless!


    Q: What's Included in the Rent-A-Randy Pool Kit Installation?

    A: When Randy and his team arrive at your home early on the first day they layout the pool in the area that you wanted and they oversee the excavator to make sure the excavator digs the hole correctly, or to the specifications. Randy has built over 1200 pools, and can handle any unexpected problems from water, boulders or other underground surprises. Randy is not just sitting back pointing fingers either, he and Nate do the work as well, right alongside you and your helper(s).

    Day 1 - Randy's son Nate, compacting the shallow end floor after excavation.

    On the second day, Randy and his team, with help from the workers you provide, assemble the steel or polymer walls of the pool kit. They also install steps and seats, the pool coping, pool light, and make the sure the pool is level and square. After these steps are completed, you are ready for the concrete collar to be poured around the outside of the pool walls. Randy will work with the concrete truck with the team to be sure that the foundation for your inground pool is poured perfectly.

    Day 2 - Assembling the Walls and Steps
    Day 2 - Assembling the Walls and Steps

    For the third day Randy will install the pool floor, using pool base or a sand with Portland cement mixture. The plumbing for the pool is started, and pipes are run to the equipment pad. The pool equipment is assembled and connected to power provided to the pad by your electrician. Randy will work with your electrician to coordinate the bonding of the pool and grounding of the equipment. Day 3 - Randy and team installing the vermiculite pool floor bottom

    Day 3 - Randy and team installing the vermiculite pool floor bottom

    Day 4 is normally the final day unless there were some delays because of weather or unforeseen circumstances. On this day Randy and crew will install the vinyl liner, and begin to fill the pool. When the pool is full, the plumbing is flooded and the equipment can be tested.

    Day 4 - Installation of the vinyl liner and begin filling the pool!

    Day 4 - Installation of the vinyl liner and begin filling the pool!

    Q: What Items Will I Have to Complete on My Own?

    A: When the pool is shipped to your house you need to be home to accept the delivery and make sure there is no damage to any of the products. The trucking company will call to arrange the delivery to your home when it is convenient for you.

    Our inground pool kits are normally shipped on 3-5 shipping palettes and may be more than one shipment. Once the pool kit and all of your equipment arrives, Randy will ask that you inventory all of the components. Randy will contact you ahead of time to confirm that everything has been received in good condition.

    Obtaining your pool permits for the pool construction from your local government agency. When filling out the permit, you will use your name as the Contractor (not Randy), pay the fees and have all of the printed permits necessary. See an earlier post we did on how to obtain pool permits.call-811

    About a week before Randy's arrival, contact your local Dig Safe, or Miss Utility in your area to have your property marked for underground utilities. This is a free service, and very important to have done before you dig the pool. There is now a National Dig Safe phone service, just call 811.

    You will also need to hire an excavator to dig the pool. We normally recommend using a Trac hoe to dig your pool. See our other blog post on hiring an excavator to dig a pool.

    On day 2 or 3 of your pool kit installation, you need to have an electrician on site to bring power to the equipment pad, connect the pool light, and to ground, bond or both according to the local codes.

    Day 3 is also the day to install the floor material along the bottom of the pool, either Pool Base or sand with cement depending on what you decide to use. Have the floor material purchased and delivered prior to Randy's arrival. Store it in a dry location, or wrap it tightly with plastic if left q5outside. See our earlier post on the types of pool floor material you can use with an inground pool kit.

    Backfilling the pool. This can be done by a return trip from your excavator, or you can rent a skid-steer loader and a tamper to compact the soil. See our earlier blog post on how to backfill an inground pool kit.

    Another item to be homeowner performed is the pool fence. This should be reconstructed or built new immediately after the pool is full. If a fence around the backyard is new for you, it can be installed mostly complete before Randy's arrival, leaving a span of 15 ft or more to bring in heavy equipment. Of course, we also have an earlier blog post on inground pool fencing options!

    The pool deck will be added later. We generally recommend allowing the backfill to settle for 30 days prior to installing a pool deck around the pool. There are numerous pool deck options that can be used around our inground pool kits.concrete-truck-diy-pool-project

    To sum it all up, the DIY pool builder (you) is responsible for hiring the Electrican and Excavator, arranging for delivery of Concrete and Floor Materials, Backfilling the pool, installing a Pool Fence and adding a Pool Deck.

    Q: How Does Scheduling for Rent-a-Randy Work?

    A: Randy’s schedule fills up very quickly he has 3 weeks in March already booked. The best way to contact Randy or to check on scheduling availability is to send an email to randy -at- randythepoolguy.com or fill out the form on his website. Or, call us here at SPP, and we can give you his cell phone number.

    During the day, Randy is building inground pools so it is difficult for him to answer the phone; you wouldn't want him on the phone all day if he was at your house building your pool. Randy normally returns all of his voicemails and emails later in the evening once he gets back to his hotel.

    Randy and his son or 2 of his workers will come to your house and help you with installing your inground swimming pool. You provide 2-3 workers that are able to work with Randy’s crew for for the 4- 5 days he is at your house. When Randy leaves you will have water in the pool.

    Compared to local pool builders, when you use the Rent-a-Randy program you can still save over $10,000 - and, still be able to say that you built your own inground pool!  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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