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    DIY Pool - SPP Makes it Easy to Build an Inground Pool

    February 14, 2013

    diy pools - build your own diy inground pool kit

    The Title of this blog post piqued my interest, and when I read the summary or description of the piece I knew I had to write it. "Time to brag about SPP – describe in detail, the reasons that a DIY pool builder should buy from SPP, rather than the competition". So here goes, a few valid, albeit boastful reasons why SPP should be your DIY pool partner.

    Inground Pool Experts

    Myself and the other bloggers (ahem... inground pool experts), have a combined 97 years of experience of selling and installing (and now writing about), inground steel and polymer swimming pools. And, all of the SPP pool experts own the very same inground pool we sell in our own backyard, and we installed it ourselves (with some help), DIY style.

    Since we built the same inground pool kits that we sell, we can answer any possible question you might have in regards to building your own inground pool. We have helped thousands of handy homeowners with questions like which wall type should they buy (which can vary, depending on your region and soil type), or questions about grading, retaining walls, proper equipment and tools - any question that you might have about a DIY swimming pool, our pool experts can answer.

    Not only are we pretty proud of our experience, but you'll find us to be a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful resource in planning and installing your DIY pool project. From layout to landscaping, our staff is at your disposal to help guide you through the process of building your own inground swimming pool.

    Positive Feedback

    Specialty Pool Products is a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1998 with an A+ BBB rating.  We have some of the best online reviews which we enjoy reading. Many reviews talk about how we take the time to work with people and explain the process of building an inground pool. Many of these reviews and testimonials thank us for help with repairing their pool. We not only teach you how to build an inground pool, but how to take care of it - for life. We have hundreds of customers that relied on us when they built their own pool, years ago - who are still leaning on SPP for their maintenance, repair and replacement jobs - DIY pool care and repair.

    First on the Internet

    We were the first company on the internet selling swimming pool kits. People thought we were crazy back then, in 1994, "How are you going to sell a pool over the internet?" they would ask. What they didn't know is that there are legions of DIY people out there. The type of people that would rather do it themselves right, than pay someone else to do it wrong. Well, the numbers of pools sold on the internet since then astound most people - we are proud to have lead the field in online DIY pools.

    Easy Return Policy

    With our inground pool kits and all of the thousands of other pool products we sell we have one of the best returns practices around; with a 30 day money back guarantee.

    DIY Pool Pricing

    Our Steel and Polymer pool kits are both very competitively priced. We might not be the least expensive on the internet but if you compare what is included in our pool kits you will see why our pool costs a bit more. We offer one of the most inclusive pool kits on the market today - not a bare bones cheap pool kit. If one of our competitor's price on the internet sounds too good to be true - it probably is. Materials quality can be poor on a cheap diy pool, and you can be sure the service and support will likely be non-existent.

    We also have 0% financing, and layaway programs to help you spread out the cost of the pool construction. The price of a diy pool kit is not always the most important factor when considering purchasing an inground pool. The cost of our kit is worth a bit more because we (myself and the other SPP pool experts), are here from start to finish during your entire installation procedure, and you will know us all on a first name basis.

    Unlike other companies that you can’t get in touch with after the sale, we are here to answer any questions or make any recommendations you might need. Call us or email us - anytime, for fast support.

    Best DIY Pool Kits

    Since we offer so much service after the sale, we won't sell the cheap pool kits that are available. Only top quality brand name steel wall and polymer wall swimming pool kits.  There are 12 different shapes available and 4 to 5 sizes within each shape.  If you would like a custom design we can accommodate those requests also, we can build any shape or size pool you are looking for.

    All of the major components of our pools such as your pump, filter, light are Hayward Pool Products - one of the leading manufacturers in the pool industry. We have 2 different kits to choose from our Deluxe or Deluxe Plus kit. The difference between the two kits is that the deluxe plus kit includes an upgrade to the Hayward Aqua-rite chlorine generator and also a robotic pool cleaner the Hayward Shark Vac XL. Both of these pool kits can be customized for your particular needs. We can subtract or switch any item, or add additional features and upgrades.

    Quality pool kits and pool equipment, from major manufacturers, with dependable service and strong warranties. Both the steel and polymer wall pools we sell come with a 50 year warranty.

    Swimming Pool Support

    We take pride in helping the customer from the initial purchase through completion of your inground pool installation. There are experts here all week long, answering the phone that can answer any possible question you might have during the installation process. There is nothing we haven’t seen and we can talk you through any possible concerns during any phase of pool construction.

    I have been with this company for 15 years and we have never had a customer that has not built an in ground pool, and been very happy with the end result.  Most homeowners do a better job with the installation than a local contractor because they pay attention and make sure all of the measurements are exact. The local contractors rush so that they get on to the next job.

    Unlike our competitors, Specialty Pool Products is here to help during selection of what pool is best for you; purchase of the pool and during installation from start to finish. I like to say that "we're not in the backyard holding a shovel, but we're just a phone call away!"

    If something arrives damaged or is missing we do not tell you to "call the manufacturer" like almost all of our competitors do. Small problems can eat up precious time and be costly on a pool construction project. We are here to prevent that frustration when you purchase from us at SPP - we take care of any problems for you the same day.

    With the support you have during the installation of your inground pool you too can save thousands of dollars compared to the local contractor but still have the inground pool you have been dreaming about.

    After the pool is installed, you can still rely on us for technical support, as hundreds of other DIY pool builders are doing. I still speak with customers who bought a pool during my first year here, in 1998. From replacement liners, equipment or advice, we're here to support you for the life of the pool!

    Rent-a Randy

    This is a unique program that no one else offers besides Specialty Pool Products. Randy Wilcox, and his some Nate, are a small team of traveling pool installation consultants. Rent-a-Randy is exclusive to customers of SPP. Randy is a perfectionist and has helped 1000 customers like yourself build their own inground pools, since we started selling them online in 1994.

    Randy has built over 1000 of our inground pools over the years, all around the country. Randy's team doesn't do ALL of the installation, but works with you to coordinate the stages, and takes the major burdens and worries off of your shoulders. Randy and team can deal with any unforeseen issue; they've seen it all! Read more about our Rent-a-Randy program.

    I've got more reasons (like all of our great DIY pool blog posts!), but I've bragged long enough. SPP is focused on DIY inground pool kits, as our number one product line. Let us help you build your own DIY pool in the backyard!  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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