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    Spa & Hot Tub Enclosures

    October 14, 2014


    Spas have many health benefits: they combat stress, provide relief for aching joints and muscle stiffness, improve the circulation and increase flexibility. Who does not like to sit in a spa and relax those old muscles; coming out with all sorts of renewed energy? The next step is enjoying it in all four seasons - and why would you not want to be able to use your spa year round?

    Spas are extremely easy to take care of and use only a small amount of chemicals if you set it up right. I have a portable spa that we use year round. It only costs about $25 a month for electricity to keep the heater on it. Our spa sits out on the deck in the back yard, and we use the Sun Dome to cover it from fall to spring, all winter long. My dome is a little bit bigger all the way around the spa and has a wood base. The vinyl cover, the aluminum  frame and hardware all come as a kit, and it was very easy to put together (instructions).

    HotTub-animated1You can enclose a hot tub from fall to spring and take it off for summer, or just use it until after the holidays. The nice thing about a spa dome, it keeps the air inside the dome nice and warm. By having the dome around the spa, you can warm the air up about 40 degrees and warm the water up about 20 degrees.

    Because it encloses the spa, the water is able to maintain its temperature much better, cutting down on your heating costs by blocking wind and trapping heat inside the dome. The spa dome also keeps the spa clean. Leaves, bugs and dirt cannot get into the spa, cutting back on cleaning time. Finally, by keeping the spa covered with a dome enclosure you are able to cut down on your chemicals. If you have a spa and love using it or want to be able to use it more often, then this is the way to go.

    A note about the Fabrico Sun Dome, if you live in an area where you get heavy winds or heavy snow, you may need to remove it from time to time. Sun Domes will withstand winds up to 40-45 mph, but is not meant to take on really heavy winds or heavy snow. The good news is they are very easy to take down for a weather event. Just disconnect the cords that go around the base and pull the cover over the frame.

    I have a friend who just put a small addition on the house and had a spa built into the floor. It looks beautiful. They have it decorated with indoor palm trees and it feels like a real spa. They have French doors that lead into a kitchen area, with glass windows all around it. They have a very open, airy environment with a spa in the center. After having a hard day at work, just sitting in the room puts you in a relaxed mood. I think my next home is going to have a patio room with an inground spa! spa-sun-dome

    In the meantime, for under $1000, Sun Dome enclosures give you the ability to use the spa all year long, without the effort and expense of building an addition onto your house!

    With so many health advantages of using a spa, I cannot imagine how anyone would not want to use it year round. We are not getting any younger! No one wants to look forward to getting old, but if we have to get old we might as well enjoy it. There really is nothing like sitting in a spa and relaxing after a very stressful day.  

    Debbie Farnan
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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