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    Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

    January 21, 2012

    hot tub and spa accessories Getting More from your Spa – A Spa Accessories Checklist

    When the weather’s as cold as it is now, there’s absolutely nothing more inviting than sinking into a steaming Spa or Hot Tub. Whether your priority is hydrotherapy or simply relaxation, the combination of crisp dry air & warm soothing bubbles just can’t be beat - and it’s one of the reasons why winter is a Spa Lover’s favorite time of year. So, now that our Spas are open and ready for the season, I’d like to offer some suggestions on Spa Accessories that can help you get the most enjoyment from your Spa. While none of this spa gear is absolutely required, I think most Spa owners will agree that a few well-chosen Spa Products can add fun & convenience to your hot tubbin' experience. What you choose will depend on how (and how much) you use your Spa or Hot Tub.  

    Spa Covers

    In my opinion, a Spa Cover is essential! A properly-sized, locking Spa Cover not only helps keep the water in your Spa cleaner, warmer and more balanced (saving you money, and wear & tear on your equipment), but it can also act as a safety barrier to help prevent unauthorized access to your Spa when it’s not in use. Spa Covers are available for indoor & outdoor Spas, and are typically priced from about $300. A Spa Cover Lifter makes it easy to remove / replace the Spa Cover, so it’s super-convenient, too.

    Spa Steps

    Depending on the model of your Spa and where you have it positioned, you might consider a set of quality Spa Steps to make entering and exiting the Spa safer & more convenient for all users – especially children, seniors and those with physical limitations.  Spa Steps typically feature either wood or easy-care plastic/resin construction, and come in a variety of colors, finishes, sizes, shapes & heights to match the style and dimensions of your Spa. Some Spa Steps even feature in-step storage!

    Spa Rails

    A Spa Rail is another good spa safety add-on to consider. Typically mounted to the Spa itself or to a surrounding deck, a Spa Rail provides safety, stability and comfort to Spa users when entering, exiting (or even just standing up in) a Spa.  We have Spa Rails in stainless steel or textured steel spa rails to help you safely enter and exit the spa.

    Spa Fragrances

    These aromatherapy options can help you create just the right mood for solitary relaxation, quality time with someone you love, or an energizing social setting. Spa Fragrances also help condition the Spa water for softer skin, without causing foaming, skin irritation, clogged filters or affecting water balance. Both liquid and crystal varieties are available, in scents ranging from fruit, floral, herb & spice-based varieties to more “new-age” inspired options like Warmth, Energy & Relaxation. Try one, try ‘em all!

    Spa Storage Accessories

    There are a host of Spa products available that give you a safe, convenient way to store personal items like glasses, wallet, watch, towel, beverage, portable audio equipment, etc. safely out of the water, but conveniently close. In addition to the storage features built-into in some Spa Steps, today’s Spa owner can also select from Outdoor Storage Bins, Spa-mounted Trays, Towel Bars & Racks, Cup Holders and other such Spa storage accessories.

    Spa Comfort Accessories

    For a truly relaxing Spa session, consider a Spa Enclosure – which in extreme climates can extend your season by warming both the air & Spa water within the Enclosure. Plus, a Spa Enclosure eliminates the discomfort of wind, reduces evaporation and protects your Spa from leaves, bugs & other debris. Other popular spa comfort products include easy-care, waterproof Spa Pillows & Spa Cushions – both of which can help make you even more comfortable & relaxed!

    Spa Blankets

    A Spa Blanket is placed on the surface of the Spa water when the Spa is not in use. It helps reduce evaporation,  chemical depletion & heat loss – saving you time & money! Spa Blankets are typically available in two types. Which one is best for you depends on your local weather, and how you use your Spa. Floating spa covers also help increase the lifespan of your insulated spa top, by forming a barrier between the water and the underside of the spa cover. -     Thermal Blanket: this style of closed-cell foam spa blanket is designed to be used in conjunction with a Spa Cover, or Spa Top for added heat retention - and has the added benefit of protecting your Spa Cover from damaging Spa Chemicals, and moisture. -      Spa Solar Ring: this style is similar to a spa version of the popular Solar Sun Ring. Assists in heat retention and provides a vapor barrier for the spa top's benefit. Solar spa ring covers can also be used during the day (without a Spa Cover) to increase spa water temperature using free heating energy from the sun.

    Spa Lifts

    This product assists Spa users with physical limitations by easily & securely lifting them into and out of the Spa. Many Spa users find the warm water and weightlessness of a Spa to be the perfect haven for therapy. For those with limited mobility, our Spa Lifts handle all of the heavy lifting, and are simple to operate safely with a handheld remote control.

    Speaking of Spa Safety – regardless of which accessories you choose, strive to be a responsible Spa Owner, by:

    • Always following proper safety precautions when using your Spa or Hot Tub – and making sure that other Spa users in your household do the same
    • Always using a locking Spa Cover when your Spa is not in use, to prevent unauthorized access by children, neighbors, pets & critters.

    Happy Spa Season!  

    Ann Rasmussen
    SPP Pool Enthusiast

    Blog Author
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