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    Small Self Installed Inground Swimming Pools

    April 24, 2014


    I like small inground pools - easier to build, and easier to maintain, but just as refreshing as large inground pools. Small pools are ideal for narrow or sloped backyards, and because of reduced construction cost, allow you more money for decking and landscaping.

    Recently, there has been renewed interest in building smaller, more self-sufficient inground pools. The energy, water and chemical use can be 70% less on a small pool, making them more eco-friendly, while reducing much of the cost to heat and treat the water.

    Today's post is to give you some small pool ideas, for those of you with a limited lot size, limited time, or limited budget. A small self installed inground pool can be built for less than you think, can fit almost anywhere, and is a simple to take care of.

    There's a LOT you can do with a small pool!

    Plunge Pool

    plunge-pools, photographer/builder unknown Plunge Pools have become quite the rage, especially for beach and vacation homes. Imagine a plunge pool just outside your bedroom doors that lead out to the deck, or jumping in after a dip in the ocean, (or working in the yard). Self installed plunge pools can be any shape - square, rectangular, freeform, and range in size from 8'x12' to 12'x24'.

    Zen Pool

    Zen Pools - Image credit to www.burleighpools.com.au Zen Pools are those magical places where the element of water is in harmony with other natural elements. Relaxing reflection pools bring calm to any backyard space. Add a small bubbler fountain and lots of plants for a tropical ambiance. The position of your self-installed zen pool, in relation to the other elements, and the house, is important if you want Feng Shui .

    Therapy Pool

    therapy-pools-- image credit to allpoolsandspas.co.uk

    A pool of small size and depth is perfect for rehabilitative work for injury victims, or people suffering from chronic painful disease in limbs and joints. Therapy pools are also helpful for mentally disabled and physically handicapped individuals, to build muscle strength in a fun and clean activity.

    Exercise Pool

    SPeck Pumpen Badu SwimJet Small pools are also perfect for all forms of water aerobics, water yoga, or just treading water. Most of our small pools do have a shallow end and a deep end, but you could also have a larger, central deep section, to allow more room for deep water exercise. Add a Badu Jet, and you can swim in place against a current of water.

    Sport Pool

    sport-pool- image credit SupremeDreamPools.com A bit larger than some of the other pools, but can be a great design for a small pool. Sport pools typically have two short shallow ends, with a larger center deep area. These pools are great for water sports games, like volleyball, water polo and pool hoops, and also have a large exercise area, but no diving.

    Lap Pool

    Lap pool liner - image credit Rampartpools.com - Colo Spgs, Co Long and skinny, you know the type. We have a 10x50' lap pool model that is very popular, but you can get a lap pool kit of any size -  I like to keep the pool 8' wide minimum, to give you a 4' wide bottom, 4-6 ' deep, and a wide step on the end. Custom sizes are no problem.

    Many lap pools can also be equipped with a Badu Jet for a never-ending water current to swim against. Most lap pools have a short shallow end (6-8 feet long), and then the floor slopes to 5 or 6 feet deep, until a few feet from the other end, where the floor slopes back up to meet the 42" wall.    

    :-) Small Prices on Small Inground Pool Kits! Building a half-size pool won't be half-the-price of building a pool twice the size. There are still the same fixed costs, but it can lower materials costs by several thousand dollars and reduce work time. The pool deck is also much cheaper to install, around a smaller pool. The heating and treating costs and maintenance efforts - should be half as much as a pool twice as large.

    Give me, or any of the other SPP Pool Experts a call to discuss some shapes and sizes, and we can put together a quick quote for a small pool kit, that you can self-install!  

    Larry Weinberg
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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