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    Aboveground Pools That Can be Installed Semi-Aboveground or Inground

    March 1, 2012

    radiant and ez panel pools are aboveground pools that can be installed in the ground

    Years ago, if a friend told you they’d just installed a new aboveground pool, chances are you already had a pretty good idea what their backyard looked like. That’s because in the past, traditional aboveground pools were all pretty much the same:

    • The walls & frames were steel
    • The depth was typically 48”
    • The liner hung over the top of the pool wall, & was visible from outside the pool
    • The pressure of the water inside the pool contributed to the pool’s structural integrity
    • The pool required a level backyard with a minimum of obstructions (such as underground rocks, landscaping, terraced or uneven terrain, etc.)
    • Pool owners had to rely on a costly pool heater or a bulky solar blanket (or likely, both!) for warmer water during the swim season

    Thankfully, today’s homeowner has lots more choices when it comes to buying a new aboveground swimming pool. And these newer pools are not only a lower-priced alternative to an inground pool – in fact, they offer features that are comparable to traditional inground pools, for significantly less! New construction material options let you create a pool with superior structural integrity, a more streamlined look & design, and lots of flexibility in terms of installation (such as in a sloping yard or on uneven terrain). And best of all, these pools are eco-friendly – with insulating properties that give you warmer pool water with significantly lower pool heating bills!

    One of the best options in today’s marketplace are EZ Panel Pools – which we’ll call “Semi-Aboveground” because of their installation flexibility, and both of which are proudly made in the USA.  Whether your goal is quality, beauty, ease of installation, reduced running costs or reduced emissions, EZ Panel Pools are sure to please.

    EZ Panel Semi-Aboveground Swimming Pools

    EZ Panel Pools utilize marine-grade materials & advanced engineering technology to create a pool with a streamlined appearance, and incredible strength & durability. And EZ Panel Pool can also be installed as an aboveground, semi-aboveground or inground pool - for the best combination of flexibility, versatility and performance.

    • Extra-heavy aluminum construction and unique design give EZ Panel Pools incredible strength & durability, and a modern look
    • Innovative buttress system on oval sizes buries lateral supports underground - no unsightly beams are visible
    • Unique EZ Lock System allows you to hinge the inter-locking panels together, sets up in mere minutes!
    • Virtually no hardware or tools are needed to install the EZ Panel pool - Just lock the panels
    • Environmentally-friendly pool panels retain heat, for reduced energy use & costs
    • Optional wall foam insulation locks in the sun's heat to maximize heat retention properties
    • Many Round & Oval sizes available, for flexibility of design, size and budget
    • Non-corrosive, resists oxidation, wont' rust or tarnish
    • Withstands the most extreme weather climates
    • No screws, straps or tubing are visible

    EZ Panel Semi-Aboveground Pools offer style, durability and maintenance-free performance that just weren’t available in the past, and are truly superior to traditional aboveground pools. They install easily and with amazing flexibility. And their heat-retaining properties make it possible for you to “go-green” with your swimming pool and capture FREE heating energy with NO emissions or utility costs. Overall, it’s no surprise that these pools are becoming a preferred alternative to both traditional aboveground AND inground pools for many discerning home owners. These innovative products can help you save time, money & energy – and will create a backyard oasis your family & friends will have to see, to believe.

    If you have more questions, and want to speak to one of our Pool Experts, give our Pool Hot-Line a call at 1-800-983-7665.  

    Ann Rasmussen
    SPP Pool Enthusiast  

    Blog Author
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