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    Self-Installed Swimming Pools - You Can Do It!

    March 6, 2014


    SPP has been helping homeowners since 1994 to self-install their own inground swimming pools. We generally sell at least 500 self-installed pools per year. With the instructions that we send you and our extremely talented SPP Pool Experts that will help with any questions on your inground pool installation, you can do this!

    I am 60 years old and started installing inground pools when I was in my teens. The only reason I'm 'inside' now and still not outside building pools is because of medical reasons - I'm slowly but surely falling apart. Helping people build their own pools was a logical next step in my career. Any problem you may encounter during your install, I can tell you what to do to correct it.  Sometimes it is just a phone call, sometimes I may need you to send me a digital picture of the problem. But believe me - you will not hear me say “I do not know what to do“  or “I have no idea”  - You will always get a solution (or two) for any problem you encounter.

    We work with all types of homeowners in the building process, some own construction companies, but most others have not built anything to this scale. Some homeowners, after getting them everything they need to build the pool, I do not hear from them until they are finished with the project. Some folks I hear from half a dozen times, and then there are those whom I hear from nearly every day while they build their own pool. No matter - our customers are spending a considerable amount of money and are doing something which they have never done before. Plus, it's my full-time job to help our customers!

    TIN-CAN-PHONEI had one customer this year in Pennsylvania  that would call me before each step of his project, multiple times every day. He did have the instruction manuals and DVD, but he had to hear it from the horse's mouth every-day until the pool was complete. When he was finished he said it came out absolutely perfect and couldn’t have done it without my help, which was nice to hear.

    We do not advertise this, but we even help homeowners with installation issues on a pool kit purchased from one of our competitors. I still try to help them the same way I help my own customers and not send them away because they purchased somewhere else. For what reason they didn’t buy from SPP, I do not know -  I would buy from me, I know that!  I'm not saying that as a sales pitch or to be funny, but knowing the help we provide to a DIY pool installer, SPP pool kits are the best value. Other companies claim to have dedicated, unlimited support, but from what I hear from their customers - it's basically non-existent. And no other pool kit dealer has on-site installation assistance, like the SPP Rent-A-Randy program.

    YOUCANDOITThere are different issues that you may encounter with self installed pools. You can have ground issues, rocks, clay. You can have under ground water issues; high water tables and weeping water. You can have  grade issues; an off-level back yard with huge grade changes. Wouldn’t you feel more confident planning a self-installed inground pool if you knew there was someone you could call and find out what to do and how to do it? You will not find this level of unlimited support with most other pool kit dealers out there. I can assure you that any issue you encounter will be resolved quickly, and every small question will be answered quickly.

    Take a look at our quality self-installed pools - with the unlimited help from myself and the other SPP Pool Experts - you can do this!  

    Larry Weinberg
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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