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    Safety Pool Covers - Worth Every Penny

    September 3, 2015


    It's September and the leaves are already falling around my house, and filling up my pool. Good thing I put the safety cover on - to keep it clean. I take it off for weekends, until I close the pool later in the month.

    That's just one of the things I love about my safety pool cover, that I can put it on in less than 10 minutes, to keep the pool clean, or safe and secure during our summer vacations to the shore.

    But there are other benefits, BIG benefits to using safety covers for inground pools during winter. I know that they are expensive. $850 for my rectangle pool. Even if you have to spend 3 times more than me, for a custom cover - it's worth every penny; here's why.


    Safety pool covers are tough as nails, and in most cases will outlast the 12 year warranty. They age gracefully too, becoming stiff and losing some of the fibers, allowing more sunlight in. They are so strong that you can walk right across a safety pool cover. The oldest safety cover on record (my records, actually) is 18 years old. That's a lot of durability!


    pool-safety-covers-at-SPPEven as a safety cover ages, they maintain a tight fit over the pool, protecting it from windblown debris. A safety cover won't catastrophically come apart at the seams one winter from strong storms or tree branches. It fits tightly over the pool, to keep debris from sliding under the cover, and because it's so taut and flat, leaves that blow on top of it, just blow off the other side with the next gust. The weave of a mesh safety cover is so tight that only the finest dust can pass through.

    Solid safety covers with drain panels actually filter the water as it passes through, or solid safety covers without drain panels are also available,. for the pool owner that wants more protection for the water chemistry and pool surfaces.


    10 minutes is all it takes me to put on my cover, by myself. I sawed off the long L shaped Hex Key that comes with the cover, and put it into my cordless drill, so I can pull up all 32 anchors in 5 minutes. Then I pull the cover over the pool and connect half the springs by hand, and then put the other half on with the cover tool. 10:22 minutes flat - yes, I timed myself. Installation is easy too, just go to any rental store and rent a Rotary Hammer Drill with a 3/4" masonry bit, and you can install it yourself in just a few hours by drilling holes and tamping in the anchors. But the Big Easy is how easy it is to maintain a safety cover, and so simple to remove in spring. If you've ever removed a nasty solid pool cover full of leaves and black water - you know that it takes half a day to remove, clean, dry, fold and store it properly. Safety covers can be cleaned off with a hose or leaf blower while they are being folded on the pool deck, or if it's pretty clean, just fold it up and go! (That's what I do...)


    SAFETY-POOL-COVERIf this one raises an eyebrow, I understand. - I've already stated that safety covers are not cheap, mine cost $850, but people with curvy pools, dive rocks or raised walls can pay thousands for a custom cover. Even so, solid pool covers, water bags, cover pumps - these do not come cheap either, especially when you have to replace them every 3-4 years. If a complete set (cover/bags/pump) costs you $500 or more - you could actually save money, in the long run, by buying a safety pool cover.

    Oh, and if you have a pool service company come and open your pool, a typical solid pool cover removal is going to cost $200+, even if you pump it dry beforehand.

    Plus - they look great, and for many people, that's the main motivation to using a safety cover on an inground pool, it looks - almost elegant! A safety cover is a 1000% improvement to the view of the backyard during long winters.

    Plus - it's safe for kids and animals. Even if you have no kids or pets or small farm animals in the house (hopefully not!), a safety cover may prove to be a lifesaver one day.

    Plus - It saves water by not having to top the pool off each spring with thousands of gallons of water - and it saves electricity too, because you do not need to run a cover pump to remove rain water from a safety cover.

    So that is why I can honestly say that safety pool covers are worth every penny - you know it's true, too! It's just hard to lay out that much cash, I understand - but you'll never regret it, I promise you!

    Take a look at our solid and mesh safety pool covers, and if you have questions, by all means call us at 800-983-POOL.

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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