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    Safety Pool Covers Prevent Pet Loss

    August 18, 2014


    Some dogs love to play or lay on safety pool covers on a warm day - most do not, however I can assure you. Nonetheless, these dogs are safe in the pictures above. And a safety cover is safe from them as well, and won't become damaged if your dog takes a liking to it.

    Today's post is about pet pool safety and preventing pet drowning with safety pool covers. Sadly, thousands of dogs drown in pools each year in uncovered pools. There are countless stories online from pet owners grieving over the loss of their family member to drowning.

    Many of these drownings occur during winter months, when a pool is unused and uncovered. Floating winter covers, aka solid pool covers are dangerous for most dogs over 15 lbs; they can become trapped in the cover, and as they thrash about, it pulls the cover into the pool, and makes escape difficult. A safety cover is the best barrier you can install to protect your pets.

    Reasons for Pet Pool Drownings

    Pets fall into a pool for a number of reasons - scared by a wild animal while close to the edge, or chasing the pool cleaner and slipping into the pool. Pets with bad vision or older dogs with low strength are of a particular concern.


    Dogs know how to swim instinctively, but older dogs, or sick dogs could lack the strength to swim to the steps, even if the dog has been trained to swim to the steps (as all dogs should be). If your pool doesn't have stairs or steps (and I do not mean ladders), you can install a Skamper Ramp during the summer, and train your dog to swim to the ramp.

    Winter water temperatures in a pool can reach freezing, and this can increase panic and put your dog into shock, causing rapid drowning, even if they have been trained to exit the pool safely.

    Safety Pool Covers Prevent Pet Drownings

    As mentioned above, the solid, water-bag type of pool cover is very unsafe, except for the smallest of dogs. Heavier dogs will pull the cover in, entrapping them in the folds as it rapidly fills with water.

    car-on-coverSafety pool covers can hold over 4000 lbs, proven many times over by the numerous pictures online of cars and elephants standing atop. As I like to say - they'll support your whole family! Safety covers are nearly impossible to remove without the tool, but release the tension and a safety cover comes off the pool in just minutes. It's the best barrier for pet pool safety.

    I also like to say -"if you have a rectangular pool, you should definitely have a safety cover" - because they are made from square panels, rectangle safety covers are the most inexpensive types to buy, with most inground pool sizes priced between $500-$1500, in rectangle sizes ranging from 12'x24' to 30'x60', with right,  left, center or no step section. They are also in-stock for immediate shipment. Custom shaped pool covers require A-B measurements to be submitted, and take 3-4 weeks to fabricate and arrive to you.

    Protect your pool and your pet this winter by installing a mesh or solid safety pool cover. Give us a call if we can help you with measuring, ordering or installing your own pool safety cover.

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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