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    Rent A Randy: How to Build an Inground Pool for Under $13K

    March 19, 2012

    rent a randy, inground pool kits

    Whether you are a homeowner that typically does smaller household projects or if you have no mechanical experience at all - we have a way for you to install an inground swimming pool at an affordable price, while still utilizing a very experienced inground pool kit consultant.

    Randy Wilcox has installed over 1,000 in-ground vinyl liner pools in his career and has confronted just about every possible snag you can imagine. He is available to work with our customers, to help them install their own inground pools, at a fraction of the cost of local pool installers. We call it the Rent-a-Randy Program.

    Build an Inground Swimming pool for $13000

    Step 1:

    Order the 12’x24’ deluxe inground pool kit from us at Specialty Pool Products and have the pool kit shipped directly to your home.  Once the pool kit is ordered it takes approximately 7- 10 business days to arrive at your home, the trucking company will call you to arrange a delivery.  The cost for this 12’x24’ rectangle Deluxe pool kit is $4800. See all 34 items in our Deluxe inground pool kit . For those that have the space, and want to go big, our rectangular pool kits are available up to 20'x40', complete - for under $6600 (prices subject to change, see our current sample pricing).

    You can pay for the pool on any major credit card in full or you have the option of paying for the pool in up to 6 monthly installments with no interest on the credit card.  Call for Details (800) 983-7665.

    Step 2:

    Once you purchase the pool kit from Specialty Pool Products, you mail Randy a $500 deposit to reserve a week on his schedule. Upon your satisfied completion of the job (water in the pool) you pay him the remaining balance of $4000 (current Rent-a-Randy pricing). For pools west of the Mississippi, the cost is higher, due to increased travel days. Randy works independently from SPP; he is not our employee, but works for you as a General Contractor, managing the work of sub-contractors, and two workers that you provide.

    Here is the brief summary of our Rent a Randy program and how it works:

    Randy and his son, Nate drive or sometimes fly to your home and are on-site for 4-5 days to help you get your inground pool built. His travel and hotel cost is included. When Randy and Nate leave your home, you have water in the pool and are ready to swim and enjoy your new inground pool.

    You arrange to have 2 good workers to help during the entire installation, and Randy takes care of the rest. You will also, with Randy's help and advice, secure the local building permit in advance, from your city or county, and after you plan a schedule together - call to schedule a location excavation company to deliver a trac-hoe and operator for Day 1.

    On Day 1, Randy helps you layout the area to be dug and oversees the excavation sub-contractor, to make sure he digs the hole correctly. The average cost for excavation of this size inground pool kit would be $1200. You'll pay this directly to your local excavation company.

    On Day 2, the team (Randy & his son, Nate + 2 workers provided by you) assemble the frame of the pool, making sure the pool is square. After the walls are erected, inground pool steps, pool light and the coping are added.  Then comes a concrete collar, which is poured all around the panels to about 8-10” deep and 2 ½ feet wide. This beam of concrete locks the steel wall panels in place.  Randy will make sure this gets done correctly and the homeowner pays the approximate $500 fee for about 5 yards of 3000 lb. concrete mix, delivered by a local concrete company.

    On Day 3, Randy and team will install a 2" thick pool base along the floor of the pool. For this size pool kit, we need approximately 40 bags of premixed pool base material. This will add another $750 to materials expense. For a lower cost, a mixture of 1 bag portland cement to 4 bags masonry sand can be substituted. As the floor is poured and smoothed, the other half of the crew begins to connect the pool inlets and outlets to the filter equipment, with pvc pipe (included in the deluxe pool kit package).

    An electrician is scheduled for Day 3 to make sure the pool is correctly grounded, and in certain states bonded.  We also will need the electrician to run power from the main breaker panel of the house, to a subpanel at the pool equipment pad, to power the pumping, lighting or heating equipment. The price for the electrical work varies but the average cost for this is around $1000.

    On Day 4, Randy and team will install the inground vinyl liner and finish up all of the plumbing. If something unexpected occurs such as bad weather, or ground water problems, there is an additional day allowed to finish up. If not, the pool begins to fill with water as soon as the vinyl liner is in place.

    The total cost for everything listed above would be the low price of $12,750. This cost does not include a pool deck around the pool, of concrete or wood, which is usually added later, after the fill dirt around the pool has had a chance to settle. You can see how easy it is to build an inground pool for under $13,000. If you have space for a larger pool, the material costs will increase proportionately, as will the cost of the pool - but only a little bit! Even if you installed an 20'x40' inground pool kit, your final cost is still quite affordable. And still under $15,000 - for your own inground swimming pool!

    Randy is a perfectionist and he builds the pool like it is his own; he does not rush through the job like most pool installers so he can move onto the next job, nor does he drag out a pool installation for months. You can be another satisfied Rent a Randy customer, and when your neighbors see his work they too will want one in their own backyard.

    Step 3:

    Now that the pool is completed for half the price it would have cost to have local builders install it;  it's time to enjoy the many hours of enjoyment in your new inground pool - that you built. Our Rent-a-Randy program is unique and quite popular. Call us today for details on how you can install your own inground swimming pool, with guidance and expert advice along the way.

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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