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    Removing Leaves from a Pool the Easy Way

    September 25, 2014


    Leaves in the pool - much ugh-lier than they appear in these pretty pictures above. When you have tall trees around your pool, dozens of them - you have to really work hard to keep your pool leaf free. You learn quickly though, better ways to manage the spring onslaught and the fall leaf attacks!

    My worst nightmare in all 35 years that I have owned a pool was when our pool cover split open with tons of messy leaves...

    One winter our cover broke, split right down the middle, and as usual we had a ton of leaves on the pool cover. After removing the cover, and dumping more gunk in the pool, the pool water was black. I could not even see the bottom or how many leaves were in the pool.

    After spending a small fortune shocking and adding algaecide to try to clear the water, I realized that my methods were not working.

    leaf-rake-for-pool-leavesI had been using a Leaf Rake and scooping up leaves during this time – for at least a week!  I will tell you though that the only thing the algaecide and shock did for me was bleach my leaves. The leaves I was bailing out all looked like skeletons, bleached to the core, no color left in them.

    The Leaf Rake is great if you have a small amount of leaves and you can see them to scoop them out. I knew I was going to need something bigger, and still could not see the bottom of the pool.

    leaf-gulper-for-pooll-leaves-leaf-masterOne of the guys I worked with said to try the Leaf Gulper. What a life saver!  Connect it to your pool pole and a cloth bag attaches to the Leaf Gulper. Hook up a garden hose and turn the hose on and it forces water up into the bag, carrying the leaves with the current. This worked great, especially if you have good water pressure. With the right kind of hose adapter, NPT to MPT, you can connect your garden hose to a pressure cleaner line, if you have one, for super leaf gulping.

    The Leaf Gulper is great for pools that have tons of leaves. It has a bag that was about 2’ feet long, jam packed with all these leaves. We also have an optional 5 ft long, high capacity bag. We kept working on the leaves over a 2 day period, and finally got all of the leaves out of the pool. Finally I could see bottom and where to run the leaf gulper and got the rest of the leaves up.

    pool-brush-24-inchNext, I used a good Pool Brush and brushed the floors and wall really good. If you try to brush your pool with a weak and worn pool brush, it's twice as much work and half as effective. Also, buy the 24" or 36" pool brush, instead of the smaller 18" brush. Aside from a good leaf rake, a good pool brush, stiff and strong, is a very important tool for any pool owner.

    There were some dark stains on the pool from the leaves just sitting there.  I was thrilled that I could finally see bottom and the water was clear.  I still had to vacuum the pool, but I added an in-line leaf catcher to my vacuum.  This is a basket that attaches in between two of the hoses on your vacuum.  It catches most of the junk, very little will get to your skimmer basket and it holds more leaves, etc in this basket. It only took one good vacuuming to get the rest of the stuff up and the pool was finally ready for swimming.

    leaf-nets-for-leafy-poolsOkay, I knew about Leaf Catchers for years but never bothered to buy one. Lesson Learned - Get a leaf net to cover the pool cover! This is in my opinion the best invention ever made for swimming pools. When you close the pool, you lay the leaf net over the pool cover. Once a month, two of us go out each grabbing one end of the cover and walk it to the other end and pop the leaves off.  How simple is that? It can also be used without a pool cover, to keep a pool clean right after opening and just before closing.

    If only I was smart enough to buy a leaf net years ago, I would never had to worry about that smelly water and yucky leaves falling in the pool. Taking the cover off would have been simple – just siphon the water and take  the cover off. Instead, for years we have had to get the smelly, yucky leaves off and then siphon the water. No more, since we started using a Leaf Net.

    The best method to keep leaves and gunk off of your cover is to either gently leaf rake the cover regularly, or buy a Leaf Net to do the work for you. Whatever you do, do not just leave the leaves on your pool cover all winter. Do not wait until it is too late. A lot of leaves and gunk spilling in the pool is a real nightmare! it is something I do not want anyone to experience, I have been there!

    If you have large trees around your pool, call in the big guns! For heavy leaf-lifting around your swimming pool, you need heavy duty leaf removal tools.CLEAN-ALL-OF-THE-LEAVES-MEME


    Debbie Farnan
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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