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    Removable Mesh Pool Safety Fence

    July 21, 2014

    mesh safety pool fences, codes for pool fences

    If you want to have the safest pool possible - nothing beats a mesh pool safety fence. Couple that with a mesh safety cover for winter, and you have complete, year 'round protection.

    I'll admit, it's not the most attractive pool fencing option, but it has certain advantages over other pool fence types:

    1. Removable - Quickly removable pool fence for parties or events, or when safety cover is installed.
    2. Affordable - self installed, a mesh pool fence costs as little as $8.50 per foot.
    3. Flexible - Can be removed and stored when children have reached older ages; or until grandkids!
    4. Resellable - Mesh pool fencing can be removed and sold to a neighbor for re-installation, if unneeded.
    5. Safer - Unlike other types, mesh pool fences are completely non-climbable, and even keeps out small pets and animals.

    It also helps to keep your pool cleaner than other fence types. The mesh fabric and the reinforced bottom scrim lock out wind blown debris and leaves.


    mesh-pool-fences-1The first thing to consider are existing fence that are near the pool. If you have two sides of your perimeter fence close to the pool edge, it may be cheaper, easier and nicer to install two new sides of mesh pool fencing, connecting to an existing fence, wall or structure.

    If your pool sits out in the middle of a large yard, without any existing nearby fences, you should plan on enclosing the pool completely, with a complete surround mesh pool fence. To break up the stark appearance of a 4-sided fence, you could consider building a cabana or pergola section, or adding two sides of a different fencing type, such as our aluminum pool fence.

    To design your pool fence, make a sketch of your backyard and draw in your pool fence. Mesh pool fence can be run straight, or follow the curves of your pool. If cost is an issue, run the fence 3 ft from the pool on two sides, and enclose more deck space on the other two sides, where your entry gate will be installed. Draw in your gate location(s), and then place a dot for each fence post, at 2.5 ft. intervals.

    After you have a sketch design, use chalk or a chalk line to mark the deck or ground around your pool, and then take careful measures from point to point, and write these measures on your pool fence sketch.


    Refer to your sketch - mesh pool fence panels are 4'x10' in size, so divide your total perimeter measurement by 10 to find out how many fence sections to order. Fence panels can be shortened, but they can't be lengthened, so be sure to buy enough!

    The gate kit is a self-closing, self-latching gate that conforms to pool fence codes that deal with gates. It's 36"x48" in size and uses a Magna Latch assembly for safety. Of course, every place a 10' section joins to another fence section, there is a latch at the top of the poles, so an adult could gain entry to the pool without using a gate. If this is a primary pool fence (and not a secondary pool fence), a proper gate will need to be installed.drill-guide

    You'll also need to order the Drill Guide. This device works with hammer drills to drill the holes for the pole sleeves, at just the right angle. It's very important to drill all the holes at the right angle, or else the fence will not look and perform the way you want. The drill guide is $299 - but this is refunded, when you return it after installation.


    With your fence panels, drill guide and gate received, all you will need is to rent a good hammer drill for a concrete pool deck. This is the same type of hammer drill used to install our mesh safety covers, although the drill bit size is smaller. You can also install mesh pool fence into a wooden deck, or into earth, if the pole sleeves are set into a 4" x 24" column of concrete.

    Drill the holes into a concrete deck – using the drill guide to hold the hammer drill at a precise angle.

    1. Holes for a straight run of fencing should be drilled at a 90 degree angle.
    2. Holes for outside curve run of fencing should be drilled2 to 3 degrees angled away from the pool. Tighter curves should use 3-4 degrees. Mark holes slightly closer together to accommodate the fabric wrapping around the pole.
    3. Holes for inside run of fencing should be 2 to 3 degrees with the top of the pole angled toward the pool. Tighter curves should use 3-4 degrees. Mark holes slightly further apart to make for slack in the fence due to less fabric wrapping around the pole.

    Using these methods will allow for the removable pool fence to be pulled tight under tension to 90 degrees, and have a professional finished appearance.

    • Use a shop vac or garden hose to remove debris from holes and tap plastic deck sleeves into those holes. Install first section.
    • For your next fence section, mark the distance between the poles exactly 3” on center.
    • Repeat above steps until all of the holes are drilled, and all panel sections installed.


    Installing your own pool fence is a one day project, so you can return the drill to the rental center at the end of the day. You'll enjoy the advantages of a removable mesh pool fence, and also the money you saved, with a complete pool enclosure for under $1000.

    Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions regarding our convenient and affordable Eskott removable mesh pool fence.

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert      

    Blog Author
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