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    Pool Safety Products - What Every Pool Owner Needs to Know

    June 21, 2012

    Pool safety products for your swimming pool safety

    Safety is a major concern for anyone that owns a swimming pool. Safety is also very important to grandparents because they have endless nights worrying about their grandchildren. I built my own inground pool and at the time we had very young children so I shared the same concerns. It was easier to get into Fort Knox than my pool. I will discuss some of the products we sell that will prevent anyone from falling into the pool. Most of the products that I mention below I have on my own inground pool because my wife was "nervous" about the safety of the pool. Smart woman, you can never be too safe.

    Pool Safety Covers

    One of the most popular pool safety products we sell are pool safety covers. With a Safety Cover, you no longer have to worry about your loved ones falling into the pool or the worst possible scenario – drowning.  A safety cover holds 350lbs per square foot and has a total weight capacity of 5000lbs.  All of our safety pool covers, whether it be a standard stock size or custom safety cover, are all ASTM certified.

    Pool safety covers will also prevent animals from falling into your pool. I have a old, mostly blind dog named Molly, and if she gets into my pool area, I don't have to worry about her falling into my pool because of the safety cover I installed on my pool.

    Another benefit of a safety cover is that it will last about 5 times longer than a traditional solid plastic pool cover. Under most conditions, safety pool covers will last 10-12 years, or longer. When you multiply the cost of having to buy an ugly, unsafe and inefficient solid pool cover, the mesh cover cost is about the same over time.

    When using a safety cover you no longer have to look at a swampy ugly pool cover. If your pool is visible from the kitchen window like mine - with the safety cover installed, the off-season pool is much more appealing. Safety covers are neat and clean to look at, and easy to work with. Safety covers can be used any time of the year, as a primary barrier to the pool, or you can use it during vacations, to keep the pool clean and secure.

    Pool Alarms

    A pool safety product which is very popular and I would recommend is a pool alarm. Pool alarms will sound off a very loud alert on a remote receiver inside the house if something 18lbs or more enters the pool. With our pool alarms you have hardly any false alarms because something actually has to break the surface of the water, unlike some inferior alarms that sound an alarm if something lands on top of the water.  False alarms can become very annoying and very scary, and in some cases can cause a pool owner to stop using it, or when the alarm sounds, perhaps falsely believe that it's just another false alarm.

    Another smart Layer of Protection to install, an outer layer, are Door Alarms. Please, install a door alarm on any door or slider that leads to the pool. If a child opens the door, the contactor separates and sounds off a loud alarm. This noise will alert everyone in the house that your loved one could be in the pool area.

    We also sell Gate Alarms which work the same way as the door alarms. Most states require you to install a gate alarm on pool gates, which should also be self-closing and self-latching. Check with your local building inspector to find your local code. All of these items can be installed on both inground and above ground pools. Alarming the gates to the pool, and padlocking unused gates, will protect not only those inside the house, but your neighbor's children and grandchildren as well.

    A pool alarm that can be used on all pool types is the Safety Turtle. Completely portable, the Safety Turtle can be taken with you when you travel to places that have water. I don't know about you, but most of my vacations involve water!  The way this works is, place the turtle wrist band on the child and lock it, so the kids can’t remove it. The Safety Turtle will help protect your children from water accidents by sounding a very loud alarm at the base station, as soon as the wristband is submerged in water. The alarm will continue to go off until it is manually reset.  While wearing the Safety Turtle wrist band, your child can always be protected whether on vacation or at your home.

    Pet Safety

    For those of you that have Pet Safety as a concern, you can also use the Safety Turtle, clipped to the dog collar, to sound the alert if your pet should fall in the pool, or fall off the dock, or a boat. For swimming pools that have no easy way for small animals to exit should they fall in, we offer the Skamper Ramp.

    This sturdy ramp hooks on to your pool deck and allows an escape ramp for dogs, cats or any other animal that might get into your swimming pool. If you have "wedding cake" style steps in the shallow end, most animals can climb out of these, but if you don't - they can't climb your pool ladder.

    A safety product good for your pet would be Doggie Life Vest, which is great for animals spending time around water. Molly loves hers, she can swim in the water with us for quite some time, without tiring out.

    Pool Fencing

    One other pool safety item that we have available for both inground and aboveground pools is our Pool Fencing. For aboveground pools we have a safety fence that can be installed on just about all aboveground pool types. Aboveground pool fencing creates an effective barrier to the pool. They also help to keep the pool toys and floats in the pool during high winds!

    For our inground pool customers we offer a Mesh Safety Fence, and this also will prevent unauthorized entry into your pool. These are also called removable pool fences, because they can be put up and taken down very quickly. Many of our customers who use a mesh safety cover during the off-season, will put-up the mesh safety fence during season. In this way, their pool is very secure from entrance by young children and animals, all year 'round.

    Be Prepared

    According to some basic information on safety for swimming pools - they say that pool submersions involving children happen quickly. A child can drown in the time it takes to answer the phone. Another bit of information to pass on is that drowning is not accompanied by thrashing and screaming. It is usually a very quiet event. Remember that "Drowning is Swift and Silent". I am not trying to scare you, only want you to be prepared so you never have to worry about this nightmare happening in your swimming pool.

    For more pool safety tips, visit our Pool & Spa Safety Page.  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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