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    Pool Floor Contours: Dive, Sport, Flat

    June 14, 2016

    Pool Design for the Active pool owner

    One of the first decisions when you build your own inground pool - after pool size, is what type of pool floor contour or shape you want.

    pool-shapes-5-smThe traditional inground vinyl pool has what's called a "Hopper Bottom", so called because it's shaped like a grain hopper, with angled sides and a flat bottom. From the flat bottom, at 6' or 8' deep, the slope rises to meet the deep end walls and the shallow end floor.

    But there are other options for vinyl pool floor contours, that work best on pools with rectangular outlines, or a modified rectangle like Grecian or Roman ends, or the Lazy L design shown right.


    SPORT POOLS: These pools essentially have two shallow ends, on either side of a deeper center section. Great pool for sport games such as pool basketball or volleyball. The center area is usually 6' deep, but can go to 8' on longer pools. Shallow ends on Sport Pools are typically 42" deep, but a recent trend is having a shallow tanning shelf on one end of the pool at 12-18" deep. This allows for 3 depth areas, which can be roped off with safety lines, with wall benches on the shelf end and walk-in steps on the shallow end.  

    pool-floor-contour-diving-poolDIVING POOLS: There are specific safety standards that must be followed when installing a diving pool. First of all, they must be large enough, so that they can be deep enough (8' minimum depth). For this reason, 18'x36' is the minimum footprint for a diving pool, and 20'x40' may be a better choice, which allows for a wider hopper and a longer slope. Diving boards also must comply with the most recent diving board standards for residential pools to be considered safe.  

    pool-floor-contour-flat-designFLAT POOLS: A flat bottom pool is great for swimming laps obviously, but they also make a great reflecting pool. 42" wall panels are used, and by adding a beveled edge around the pool you can take the finished center depth to 48" or 54". The advantage of a flat bottom pool are many. The floor and the entire pool is cheaper and easier to install, and because it holds less water, it's also cheaper to filter and heat, and are also easier to keep clean of leaves and dirt.  

    pool-shapes-7-SMCURVED POOLS: Or custom shaped inground vinyl pools, typically have a hopper bottom with sweeping side walls in the deep end area and a warped upslope to the shallow end. The floor shape used on our Oasis or Lagoon pools are a modified hopper floor design, with a contour similar to a diving pool.

    Whatever pool floor contour or pool bottom you choose, the SPP Pool Experts are here to walk you through it every step of the way - from Layout to Landscaping. You can build your own inground pool - and we can show you how!  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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