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    Phased-In Pool Construction - Spread out the Cost

    January 22, 2013

    rent a randy, inground pool kits

    If you are considering building your own inground swimming pool - one of the driving factors for wanting to do it yourself could be the cost. Hiring a local pool company to build your pool can add $15-20,000 to the cost of your pool. You can build your own pool for about half the cost of what a local pool company would charge. Big savings - but for some of us (myself included), installing even a half-price pool puts a bit of a strain on the household finances. Here's some ways to spread out the cost of an inground pool construction project.

    Do It Yourself

    When building your inground pool kit the best way to control cash flow would be to do as much work as possible yourself.You will need certain tradesmen for portions of the job, such as excavation and electrical - but most everything else you can coordinate and control yourself. In this way - you'll be paying yourself, and saving thousands of dollars.

    You do not need to be a former contractor, or have any specialized knowledge to build your own pool. You do need patience, planning, and at times - a strong back, but even the most hesitant homeowners I have worked with have been able to build their own inground pool successfully.

    Hire an Excavator

    Most homeowners do not own their own Back hoe for excavating, so that is one part of the pool kit construction project it makes more sense to hire someone. I have talked to some homeowners that rent a machine to dig the hole themselves thinking they are going to save money, but that may not be the case because most rentals are daily and it takes them 3 days to dig the hole. These customers end up spending much more money - it would have been cheaper (and easier!) to hire an experienced excavator.

    Set a Pool Budget

    I built my own inground pool and I had a budget that I needed to stick with - so I know firsthand how to spread out building the inground pool to match cash flow. I did hire an excavator to dig my hole and to backfill my pool after the pool walls were built. And an electrician - to make sure that power was proper. I had to watch my pennies on every portion of my inground pool project. After writing a check for my water delivery my pool kit budget was maxed out.

    "Hire" your Friends

    When it comes to assembling the steel or polymer walls for the pool I had a few of friends come over to help me; I provided them with steaks and beer which was much cheaper than hiring someone to assemble the pool frame. The plumbing for the pool can be done by you - as I did on my own pool so there is no expense for that part of the project.

    Bribing your friends with food and beer, or with stories of how they can come over anytime to use the pool "We just have to build it first!" may help you get helpers.

    Hire a Certified Electrician

    Once the pool walls are assembled, the pool frame and anything metal has to be bonded and grounded by a licensed electrician. If you have a friend or someone you know that is a certified electrician - this is the time you ask for a favor and have him help you out. I did not know any licensed electricians so I had to hire one - which cost me a pretty penny. Working with a smaller company may save you money, just make sure that they are licensed, so that you do not have any problems if the inspector asks who did the work.

    Delay the Pool Deck Installation

    Instead of installing my concrete patio right away after the pool was built I waited about 4 months for the ground to settle. Larry did the same thing when he built his DIY pool kit last summer. He's planning on  installing the pool deck in a few months.

    What I did so the kids could still use the swimming pool was purchase some outdoor carpeting going from the backdoor of my house over to the pool step; this allowed the kids to get in and out of the pool without getting dirt all over the place.

    Landscaping Over Time

    I have had my pool for 8 years and each year we add a little more landscaping to our pool - we are finally almost done! After the pool is built, the backyard is a wreck. Sure, you could hire a landscaping company to design a beautiful backyard; laying new sod, planting new bushes and planter areas. As mentioned already, I was already out of cash after paying for the pool water. I had a beautiful inground pool, surrounded by ... dirt. We planted grass the first season, added a pool deck the next year, and slowly but surely, each spring we get out there and add more landscaping around the pool. It's looking great now!

    Build the Pool in the Fall

    One scenario to match cash flow to your inground pool construction project would be to build the pool in the fall, let the ground settle over the winter time and then finish the pool deck in the spring. If you save over the winter, you can scrape together the money you need for the patio. Or, if there is a sizable tax refund expected, you can earmark these funds to complete your pool deck and add some landscaping design around your swimming pool area.

    Finance your DIY Inground Pool Kit

    Most banks offer a low interest home improvement loan or home equity loan that you can acquire for building an inground swimming pool. At Specialty Pool Products are proud to announce that we have Easy Financing available for DIY inground pool construction. One of our most popular loans is a 0% interest loan for 18 months. We also have an unsecured Home Improvement loan, similar to a traditional bank loan. Call and speak to one of our inground pool experts for more information on these pool financing programs.

    Put it on Lay-a-Way

    The cost of the hardware (inground pool kit) is about a quarter to a third of the overall pool project cost. Our inground pool kits cost $5,000-$7,000, depending on size and options that you choose. We currently have dozens of home owners who have pool kits on our Deferred Payment Program in anticipation of receiving their fully paid pool by late spring. There is only a $10 charge for the lay-a-way program, and no risk - should you change your mind.

    Delay your Payments

    Most contractors require a deposit but all require a different amount. Excavators, electricians, plumbers will usually ask for a down payment to reserve a spot on the calendar. The balance of payment may be required on job completion, but you may be able to delay payment by 30 days - or longer, depending on how well they manage their accounts receivable. Deliveries of gravel, sand and concrete may require a credit card or payment at the time of delivery - but not in all cases.

    Lean on Us!

    With the installation manuals and the support of the inground pool experts at Specialty Pool Products you should be able to finish the pool kit construction project yourself. We are here every step of the way for any questions or concerns with building an inground pool in your backyard. And, we do not charge for our support either - it's absolutely Free!

    You may have some questions or concerns at this point - after reading this post. Give us a call at 800-983-7665, and try out our friendly, knowledgeable support - you won't be disappointed!  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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