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    Outdoor Ice Rink Fun & Games

    January 11, 2012

    backyard ice rink fun and games

    Backyard ice rinks are not only great exercise, but also come complete with a lot of Free Games to play all winter long. Ice rink games really bring together the neighborhood for impromptu, cocoa or cider get-togethers around the ice rink. Usually it's the parents that end up cheering on their kids or the neighbor kids, but adults get involved too!

    Grab your skates, let's learn some of the fun ways that snowbelters are enjoying their personal backyard ice rinks this winter!

    Casual Ice Skating Games

    Kids are experts in making up their own ice skating games, here's some of the classic, old-time ice rink games that kids (and adults) have played for years.

    Stride and Glide Choose a starting line, contestants skate three strides and then glides Whoever goes the farthest, wins. Next, try gliding on one skate.

    1...2...3 Red Light One skater (“It”) stands at the far end of the ice with their back to the crowd. It counts aloud & everyone else skates forward. At any time, It may shout "red light" and turn around. Skaters still moving must return to the starting line. The game continues in this manner until one skater reaches and tags It.

    Pairs Racing Be the first pair to travel the length of the ice, circle around a specified marker and make it back. The trick is that pairs must stand face-to-face holding hands so that one person skates backward, pulling the other forward.

    Freeze Tag A team game, where each captain tries to tag and "freeze" players from the other team. Once frozen, a skater cannot move unless they are tagged by their own team captain. When all the members of one team (except for the captain) are frozen, the other team wins.

    Konga Line This one is loads of fun… the skater in front leads, all other skaters in line hold on to the one in front of them. Keep speed and complexity in mind, especially when there are younger or inexperienced skaters playing along.

    Ice Writing For a fun finish, ask everyone to describe skating in one word. Then take turns trying to write that word on the ice by skating in the shapes of the letters -- the bigger the better.

    Ice Hockey Games

    If your family is interested in ice hockey, practice the basics, start a team and get out there! With a few well-chosen Ice Rink Accessories, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. Here’s a few hockey-oriented skating games to get things started.

    Monkey-In-The-Middle As many as eight skaters form a big circle with one person standing in the center. The people around the circle try to pass the puck without the monkey (in the middle) intercepting it. Two rules: All sticks kept below the knees, no lifting of the puck.

    Sharp Shooter< Who has the best puck-shooting marksmanship? Using 3 pucks (each player gets 3 tries), stand in the mouth of one hockey goal & shoot the puck through the goal at the other end.

    Obstacle Course Set up small cones in a slalom, hockey sticks to jump over, and a section where you skate backwards. Add in some puck handling, and some direction reversals in the course. Send each player through the course alone and use a stopwatch to time it from start to finish. Add seconds of time for mistakes or faults. [divider]

    When everyone needs a warm-up break, take off the skating gear (remember: skate guards if walking on skates off-ice, always wipe down the blades too) and head inside for a steaming mug of hot cocoa and to share stories of the day’s fun!

    Backyard ice skating rinks can be serene and peaceful, or be very active with shrieks of enjoyment. It's up to you!  

    Ann Rasmussen
    SPP Pool Enthusiast

    Blog Author
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