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    New Year's Resolutions for the Modern Pool Owner

    December 30, 2015

    New Year's Resolutions for the modern pool owner  

    The new year is right around the corner, and that means that another pool season is soon to follow. What changes or improvements - Resolutions, would you like to see next year? The off season is the time that pool owners everywhere make plans for small improvements, and with the new year being the time for making a fresh start with personal resolutions, why not combine the two?

    So, I give you New Year's Resolutions for the Modern Pool Owner, written from a personal perspective, and that of my own inground pool. For the coming year, I solemnly swear and hereby resolve...  

    1. Improved Pool Safety

    Every pool owner can find ways to improve safety around and in the pool. In my own pool, I have a corner of the back fence that is rotting, that I need to correct, soon. It's not facing the road, but I do not want a wild animal, pet or lost child able to get through the fence.

    We use door alarms on the back doors of the house that lead to the pool, even though I do not have kids at home. These are there for the occasions when friends and family come over to my house. The fence gates are always latched and padlocked, and I try to keep my garage door closed, just to block any direct route to the pool. My pool doesn't have an interior pool fence (4-sided pool fence), so I could improve safety by constructing hedgerows, or using low walls and fencing between the pool and house.

    It's about reducing access to the pool, without reducing it's visibility from the house. If there were small children in my home, I would install mesh safety pool fencing.

    Resolution: I hereby resolve to improve pool safety around the pool this season.

    2. Better Water Balance

    My water balance is pretty good, but I have to admit that it could be better, and that I could test the pool more than once per week. Maintaining proper pH, alkalinity, calcium and cyanuric levels is important for many reasons.

    • Chlorine has much higher efficacy in balanced water
    • Swimmer comfort is enhanced in balanced water
    • Pool surfaces and equipment need balanced water

    Resolution: I hereby resolve to test and balance my pool water more often this season.

    3. Pool Improvements

    This can be as small as buying a new pool brush, which I need to do, to installing new pool equipment or a new pool liner. An improvement would be something that would save you money or save you work on the pool, or add a new element of enjoyment. Or, it can be a refurbishment, renovation or replacement, of existing equipment or pool components.

    My list of pool improvements for this year include:

    • Replace overgrown bushes near my pool with smaller ornamental trees
    • New chaise lounges to replace our old strap pool furniture
    • Replace pool brush, thermometer, test kit reagents

    Others may want to switch to a salt system, replace the filter media, the pool valving, or one of the best pool improvements, add heat with solar, electric or gas pool heaters. My liner and steps are in good shape, and my equipment is all pretty modern, last year I installed a Hayward variable speed pool pump. Adding pool toys or games, or in my cases, pool lounges, are also a great pool improvement for the new year!

    Resolution: I hereby resolve to replace worn equipment, overgrown bushes and relax more this season.

    4. Enjoy the Pool More

    That's what it's there for, and although I enjoy looking at my pool through the windows, there's no greater enjoyment than actually using  the pool, for relaxation, fitness and fun. For myself, I can list a number of areas where I could gain more enjoyment from my pool.pool fitness image from PresenterMedia

    • Swim laps, tread water, aqua karate - any type of underwater exercises
    • Play more volleyball, water polo or pool basketball games
    • Have a pool party, install outdoor fire pits or patio heaters

    Resolution: I hereby resolve to swim more laps, play more games and have at least one pool party this season.

    This year, make some resolutions of your own, to get more out of your pool, or to stop working so hard on pool maintenance. What can you around your pool to improve safety, increase convenience or enjoy your pool more?

    What are your New Year's Pool Resolutions?  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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