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    New Year's Resolutions for Pool Owners

    January 3, 2013


    Another new year ~ now is the time to reflect on the previous one, and perhaps make some changes for the coming pool season. Here's a quick list of some ways that you can resolve to absolve yourself of old ways ~ and make this the best pool season yet!

    Be Greener!

    There are so many ways to make your pool more environmentally friendly.

    • LED pool lights use up to 80% less energy.
    • Variable speed pool pumps use up to 80% less energy.
    • Cartridge pool filters save water wasted by backwashing.
    • Heat pumps or solar heaters have zero emissions.
    • Salt chlorine generators reduce chlorine production.
    • Solar blankets save heat and reduce evaporation.
    • Timers and Controllers save money.

    Be Cleaner!

    If your pool is a big chore, resolve to have less mess in your pool this year.

    • Trim the trees and bushes around the pool.
    • Build or plant wind blocks to trap blowing debris.
    • Let a Pool Cleaner do the work for you.
    • Optimize your circulation to improve skimming action.
    • Use a Leaf Net spring and fall, to keep leaves out.
    • Optimize your filtration by changing your filter media.
    • Replace your test kit reagents or testing strips.
    • For repeated algae blooms, use a phosphate remover ...

    Be Leaner!

    Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. Use your pool for fitness routines, and tone up!

    • Lap swimming burns up to 500 calories per hour.
    • For small pools, use the Home Swimmer system.
    • The AquaJogger system, and other buoyant devices make routines easier.
    • Get in and play! Swimming, diving, kicking, treading water, somersaults - it's all good for you!

    Be Social!

    Use your pool area for entertaining groups of people. Add some lighting, music, food and drinks - and voila, it's a pool party, whether the guests swim or just enjoy your patio and pool area.

    • School, Club or Church functions.
    • Birthday and Graduation parties.
    • Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day.
    • Neighborhood social gatherings.

    Be Safe!

    No pool is completely safe. Layers of Protection should be in place to prevent accidental submersion.

    • Keep gates and doors securely latched, and preferably locked.
    • Restrict easy access to the pool by secondary fences, hedges or walls.
    • Pool and door alarms are another good layer of protection.
    • Teach your kids (and your neighbor's kids) how to swim.
    • do not forget about your pets, with pet safety products.
    • Teach and enforce pool safety rules with youngsters.
    • Have a household pool safety meeting every spring.

    Hoping that this is the best year yet for you and your swimming pool! If you have questions about your inground pool, in any of these areas mentioned above, give us a call at 1-800-983-POOL.

    Happy New Year!  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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