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    New DIY Inground Pool Kits Have Arrived!

    March 15, 2012


    Specialty Pool Products, with helpful customer comments from last year, has revamped our Inground Pool Kit program . We've made 3 big changes we wanted you to know about for 2012. These are the Top-3 things you wanted in an inground pool kit, we are happy to deliver!

    1. Polymer pool walls

    As an option to our inground pool kits with galvanized steel wall construction. Polymer inground swimming pool panels are ideal for homes in a warm climate, within the Sunbelt. Polymer walls also perform well in wet or salty areas, i.e., near the shore. If your temperature regularly dips below freezing, polymer would not be the right wall material, as it's not as forgiving of freezing and heaving soil. But for those warmer areas that are prone to corrosion, polymer walls can outlast steel walls by many years. Stay tuned to our website for more information on Polymer Inground Swimming Pool Panels; they are coming soon!

    2. More choices in our DIY pool kits

    We've beefed up the Deluxe Pool Kit, and added a premium inground pool package we call the Deluxe Plus, for those that want to go all out. And why not? Go ahead, you're saving thousands building a pool yourself, which many of our customers do for half the cost of what local pool builders quoted them.

    Our Deluxe Inground Swimming Pool kit has been upgraded to include everything you need to start building & enjoying your inground pool. 34 items on the list, which now includes everything you need to get started.  Based on customer feedback, we added: a plumbing kit, deluxe maintenance kit, step jet package, pool light, chemical feeder, safety rope & float kit, and a suction-side automatic cleaner!

    New this year is the Deluxe Plus Inground Swimming Pool kit which has the new items in the Deluxe Kit as well as an upgraded liner, salt system and robotic pool cleaner. There is no more wondering if you have everything you need, you do! The only things NOT included on either one of our pool kits, are winterizing supplies. If you live in the snowbelt, you will need to winterize your new inground pool. You'll need a pool cover and some pool closing supplies at that time.

    To view a handy comparison chart of the Inground Pool Kit components in both Deluxe and Deluxe Plus pool kits, please visit our pool kit components page.

    3. Pool Kit prices lowered

    The most exciting change for 2012 is that even though we have added many new products to the Deluxe Inground Swimming Pool Kit, the price has gone down by over $1,000! Now a 16’x32’ Rectangle Deluxe Inground Swimming Pool Kit is only $5,599.99 – that is less than the 12’x24’ was last year! Check out our inground swimming pool pricing page, for pool kit prices, or give us a call at 1-855-863-4301 (toll free) to speak to one of our Inground Pool Experts to start a conversation about which pool is right for your backyard.

    As always, with every Inground Pool Kit comes the expertise of our Inground Pool Experts. We know that this is not your average home improvement project, it's a big job! We have worked with thousands of homeowners, some of whom barely touched a shovel, to build their own inground pool. Your questions or concerns during the process of buying and installing your pool are our top priority. Chris, Larry & Bob are always here to help, 6 days a week.

    As we say on our website, “We stand behind every order with top-quality service, and pool experience that’s second-to-none.

    Submit a Inground Pool Kit Quote Request online, or Call our Inground Pool Kit specialists anytime at 1-855-863-4301.

    You can build your own inground swimming pool, and we can show you how!  

    Dorothy Ruggiero
    SPP Pool Enthusiast

    Blog Author
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