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    Myths of DIY Inground Pool Construction

    November 12, 2013


    Myths about building your own inground pool are so common, we've dedicated this blog post to a discussion on myth vs. fact about DIY pool construction.

    These myths or misconceptions about building your own pool are mainly fueled by 1). Pool builders, who want to keep all pool construction for themselves and, 2). People who doubt themselves constantly, pessimists and naysayers.

    We've compiled a list of Myths about inground pool construction, specifically in how it relates to DIY homeowner pool installation.

    1)      Inground Pools Cost too Much

    dollar-signContrary to what you may think or what you have been told, building your own inground pool kit is the most affordable way to get the pool of your dreams. Dealers will tell you that it costs too much to do it on your own, but it actually cuts your costs in half! We have been selling pool kits to the consumer since the early 90's and you would be surprised how affordable it can be. The fact is that you will save over half of what a dealer (pool company) will charge you for the whole project. You can spend less than $15K, with on-site installation assistance! The key is to plan out the whole pool project from beginning to end. Make a budget sheet as to the costs for each phase of the project. Myself and the other SPP Pool Experts will help you in every step along the way.

    2)      You”ll Never Know what you will Find When you Dig the Pool

    That’s another myth that is used in the industry to try to persuade people not to build a pool themselves. The fact is if the project is planned out properly, all obstacles can be overcome. The first thing to do is to go to your local building dept and get your plot plan. Speak to the building inspector in your area and he will help you find out if there are any obstructions, leeching fields, ledges, wetlands, and anything else that could prohibit you or hinder you in your pool project. They have extensive maps and resources. Once you have attained this information anything out of the norm that you encounter our pool experts can help you through any situation you might encounter in the process. There have been situations where people hit ground water, rock ledges, or very soft soil. The good news is that there are many ways to correct or manage each situation. Knowing your land ahead of time is the key. In most well planned pool projects, nothing but a few large boulders or a little moisture is encountered.

    3)      You need to be a Licensed Contractor to Build a Pool

    pool-permit-approval-This is another huge myth in the industry. We have homeowners from every profession and in all states that have built their own pool. This is just another way to try to discourage the homeowner from building their own pool. There are a few townships, and a couple of states that do require a licensed pool builder, or a contractor's license, however this is not the norm. Just check with your town's Building department and see what they require. If they do require a licensed contractor then we can also help you with that, with our inground pool assistance program. We refer to it as our Rent A Randy program, and it's an SPP exclusive service. Randy has been a licensed pool builder for over 30 years and has helped build hundreds of inground pool kits, all over the country. do not let a pool dealer or some ethically questionable local legislation scare you into not building your own pool.

    4)      It Takes too Long or too much Time to Build your own Pool

    The key to this is to have the necessary help in the building of your pool. If you plan out the project step by step and know when you are going to start the install - the time it takes to build the pool is in your hands. Our inground pool kits are homeowner installed, in anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks. It just depends on the time you have to devote to the project and how many continuous days and hours you have. We recommend having at least 4 people working on the pool project. Plan out your each phase of the project and how long you anticipate it to take based on your time frame. The best help are family members, relatives, friends or neighbors. Ask around, or post some flyers. You can also hire laborers from Craigslist (look under Services, or post an ad under Gigs), or use a construction staffing agency. do not let the dealer talk you out of doing the project due to time. For those individuals that do not have the time to do it all themselves, or can't find extra help, schedule a week with Rent A Randy. With Randy and his helper, and you with 1 helper, your pool will be up and running in 4-5 days.

    5)      Contractors only Work for a Pool Company

    excavator-contractorsNothing is further from the truth. Electricians, excavators and concrete suppliers work with homeowners all the time. Pool dealers will try anything to persuade you to go with them. The sad part is that you are now going to pay at least double what the project would have cost if you had done it yourself. In this day and age contractors are looking for work and are more than willing to work with you on all aspects of the job. Since we started selling DIY inground pool kits in the early 90s - 99% of our sales are to homeowners, who hire the contractors that they need for the project. Most people it seems, know someone in the industry needed for some phase of the project. If you do not just look on Craigslist or your local paper. With the way the economy is there are always contractors and helpers looking for work.

    6)       Inspectors do not Like DIY pool builders

    This is also very far from the truth. In all towns across the country your local building dept will work you and answer any questions you might have. In all cases they will inspect the job site and if there is a problem they will let you know how to fix it. In talking with so many DIY pool builders, not once have they encountered a problem with inspections that could not be resolved with the inspector. As a matter of fact do not be afraid to ask them questions and make them your go to person. They appreciate the communication. Over the years dealers have tried everything to talk people out of doing their own DIY pool project. Times have been tough and with the way the economy has been people just do not want to pay the high pool prices anymore. With more and more people building their own pool now the piece of the pie to dealers has shrunk. They will try just about anything to talk you out of doing it yourself.

    7)       Too many Safety Regulations

    layers of protection for poolsHow many times have I heard this - pool dealers telling people that due to all the new codes and regulations do not try to build your own pool. You do not want to take on the liability if something were to happen. These are scare tactics. The easy way to go about this is to check with your local building dept as to what they require for pool safety. They will be more than happy to discuss this aspect ahead of time with you. Pool safety is extremely important for the well being of your family and friends. You town will likely require a pool fence around the pool area as well as a dual main drain system. In addition pool alarms, or door and gate alarms are required in many towns across the country. If you are using licensed contractors for different phases of your pool installation they are well versed in the laws and requirements in their field of expertise. The more research and questions you ask at the beginning of the process the easier the install will go.

    8)      Safety or Maintenance Concerns

    This myth may not be told by dealers, but studies show that Safety and Maintenance are top concerns for people considering an inground pool. Swimming pools are now safer and easier to maintain than ever. Safety is enhanced with safety pool covers, or automatic pool covers. Fencing and barriers, and a design with Layers of Protection in mind will help prevent any potential problems. The key to the pool maintenance is regular pool care. Test your water every couple of days and then chemically balance your water. Proper maintenance of your pump and filter is easy to do. Check your pump basket for debris on a continual basis and back wash your filter when the pressure gauge rises 8-10 lbs. Empty your skimmer baskets as needed and keep the proper chemicals on hand. Automatic pool cleaners, a pool brush and a leaf skimmer net are used to keep the pool clean. Its not that hard to do as long as you do it on a regular basis. Most people spend less than 1 hour per week on pool maintenance.

    8 Myths about inground pool construction. There may be more, but this is a pretty complete list. Myths are usually born of fear, and fear comes from ignorance. Which is why we've published over 300 blog posts about the intricate details of DIY pool construction. And remember, all SPP pool kit customers receive unlimited support from myself and the other SPP Pool Experts, and no other pool kit supplier has the Rent-A-Randy program.

    Call us today to discuss how you can build your own inground pool.  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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