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    How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

    October 22, 2012

    How much does it cost to build an inground pool?

    Let's look at all of the costs involved in building your in ground pool kit.  The costs do vary around the country so I would recommend on getting a few estimates for the various contractors that you need to hire to assist you with building  your own inground pool kit.

    Pool Planning Costs:

    • Permits - Go to your local town hall and talk to the building inspector and fill out necessary paperwork costs are different around the country but average around $100. Normally have to bring in a diagram the pool Dig Specs with panel layout and also provide them with a plot plan. The plot plan is done by drawing your backyard on a piece of paper and then draw the location of the pool in relation to your house and all of your property lines.
    • Contacting Contractors - Normally you can find a list of contractors such as Excavators & Electricians in your local telephone book, Craigslist or any local newspaper or magazine in the classified section. Also check with any of your friends or coworkers to see if they have any contractors they have used that they would recommend.
    • Pool deck and landscape - The costs will vary in regards to the pool deck and landscape. You should contact a local mason or patio company so you can tell them what type of patio you are looking for around the pool area. After you figure out how many square feet of patio you are going to install around the pool area you can figure out what the cost would be for the different options of a patio such as brushed concrete, stamped concrete, or brick pavers just to name a few options. In regards to landscaping if you are doing something simple such as planting a few flowers or bushes you can do that yourself but if you would something a lot more extensive consult with a local landscaper or landscape architect.
    • Selecting pool kit- Figure out what shape and size pool kit you are interested in building. Once you figure out what you want to build we can provide you with an exact price for the pool kit, pool equipment and supplies.
    • Storing your pool kit, until needed - The pool kit itself comes as two separate truck shipments; and the trucking companies will call to arrange an appointment for delivery. The pool can be stored outside or in a garage until needed. Typically the pool and step are shipped on 2 skids that are approximately 4ft wide, x 8ft long and 4ft high. Our accessory skid is shipped on a 4ft wide x 4ft long x 4ft high skid which can be stored indoors or outdoors but if stored outside I would recommend covering with a tarp so the boxes do not get all wet and soggy. Most people usually store in garage it takes up half of a 2 car garage.
    • Hiring, friends, laborers or Rent a Randy - In regards to hiring laborers to help you with building your pool check with your local employment office or maybe a local college or University. College kids are typically hard workers and always looking at making a few extra bucks. When I built my pool I asked a few of my buddies to come over and help and in return they can use my pool whenever they like. Near the end of each construction day, I fired up the grill and paid my workers with steak and ale. It was a win-win for everyone, and to this day we still all talk about the fun we had building my inground pool kit.

    Randy Wilcox - our professional pool installerRent A Randy - Randy will come to your house for 4-5 days to assist you with installing your inground pool kit.  Randy does most of the work he is not just sitting in a chair pointing fingers but you must provide him with 2-3 full-time workers that are willing to work with him while he is at your home. The cost for Randy varies slightly by location, but most jobs are between $5000-$6000.

    Pool Construction Costs:

    • Excavation- The costs for excavation vary depending on the size and shape pool you are interested in building. After you determine the shape and size we can probably give you a better educated guess on the cost of excavation. Normally the average cost to dig and to backfill around the pool area for a 16’x32’ rectangle is approximately $1500-$2000. Contact your local excavator and show him the Dig Specs of your pool have him look at your backyard to give you an accurate estimate.
    • Pool assembly - You'll want 2-3 people on hand for this, to smooth out and tamp the area beneath the wall panels. Assemble the walls and use a laser level or transit to make sure that all panels are level and plumb. It can all be done in one day in most cases.
    • Concrete - The concrete collar also varies depending on the shape and size pool you are building. Typically most concrete companies charge roughly $100 per yard for their cheapest concrete mix, which is all you need. For a 16’x32’ rectangle you would need about 7 yards of concrete so the approximate cost would be $700.
    • Gravel - Gravel is used for a heavy equipment path across a soft yard, used to cover muddy pathways during construction. it is also used as the last layer in backfilling, in preparation for a concrete pool deck. Delivered gravel runs about $50 per yard. (1 yard of gravel covers 4" deep, an area of about 80 sq. ft.).
    • Electrical - This cost varies depending on what is required in your local community. All pools need to be grounded and some pools need to be grounded and bonded; there is no universal code it all depends on your local codes. Check with a few different electricians to get an estimate for grounding and bonding the pool, and installing a 100 amp breaker box for the pool equipment and pool lights. You'll already have the permits in hand, so he doesn't have to deal with that. Use a local electrician familiar with pool wiring, they will know the electric code and also know the building inspector, which can make the process smoother. It's a 1-2 day job for most pool installations, which usually costs in the neighborhood of $1500, or less if you do the trenching and conduit plumbing. The cost increases the further your pool equipment is from your electrical panel.
    • Pool floor and liner - When building one of our inground pool kits you must put down 2” of finished material along the bottom of the pool before installing the liner. The cost for using the sand with Cement mixture is typically about half the cost of using the Vermiculite or Premix. An example would be for the same 16’x32’ Rectangle the cost for sand with cement would be approximately $600 and when using the vermiculite for the pool bottom the cost would be about $1200.
    • Pool water- You can use your garden hose, contact the fire department and ask them about using the fire hydrant or hire water delivery company to have water delivered. When I built my pool I had 1 truck of water delivered to set the pool liner and then used my garden hose to fill up the rest of the swimming pool. The average cost for a truck full of water which normally is about 6500 gallons would cost about $250.
    • Pool fence- Cost depends on the style of fence and how much fence you install. Check with your local fence contractor or even Home Depot you can purchase fence and install it yourself or they also have installers that will do it for you.
    • Pool deck and patio- Figure out what type of patio you want for the decking around the pool the least expensive option is typically brushed concrete. Determine total amount of square feet of decking and then figure out how much per square foot for the concrete, pavers or whatever type of patio you plan on installing. Once you get the Square foot price and know the total amount of needed you can figure out cost for the patio.
    • Landscape repair - Another forgotten expense, and most of the work you may be doing yourself, but  after your pool is built, you can plan for a redesign of the landscape, or at least a replanting of the grass, perhaps a few bushes or ornamental trees.

    Pool Operation costs:

    • Electrical – The cost to run your pump will vary by local electrical costs, but can run between $50-$100 per month. Using a variable speed pool pump can cut your energy usage dramatically. Other pool equipment with noticeable electrical costs include booster pump driven pool cleaners and pool heat pumps.
    • Chemical - How long you keep your pool open will affect your chemical costs, as well as the size of the pool. Figure on approximately $200 for chemical expenses during the season, for the average pool.
    • Heating  – From talking to other customers around the country the average cost for most homeowners using a Natural gas heater is about $1000 to heat the pool for 6 months, and with current prices, heating with a propane gas heater can double the cost to $2000. I pay about $750 per year using my pool heat pump, which would normally cost less, but I keep it really warm at 86°! Using a solar cover or automatic cover will cut heating costs dramatically.
    • Repairs - With any normal wear and tear component there will probably be repair costs but the exact cost is hard to estimate everyone is different. You'll need some replacement parts every year or two, and equipment replacement every 20 years, or sooner. It's the same as the other appliances in your home (washer/dryer, dishwasher, HVAC) - you can go years without any trouble at all, and then one year you end up with a sizable repair bill. About $100 per year, on average.
    • Winter Supplies – If you live in an area with freezing conditions then you would want to close your pool for the winter time and winterize your pool. This requires purchasing a winter cover, either a solid winter cover or safety cover. You'll also need winter closing chemicals, winter plugs and other winterizing accessories. Another $100 per year, on average.

    Total Pool Installation Costs

    cut-your-cost-in-halfTalk to your local contractors or local pool installer get a price quote for the same pool kit you are looking to purchase from Specialty Pool Products and you will be amazed of the savings. As a rule of Thumb most homeowners normally save over ½ of what it would cost to get the same pool installed by a local pool installer.

    Call me, or any of the other SPP Pool Experts, for a no-obligation quote on a DIY inground pool kit. All of our pool kits include unlimited free tech support for any question you have along the way.


    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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