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    Most Popular Winter Pool Chemicals

    October 15, 2015


    It's officially Autumn; the leaves are nearly off the trees here in New England. For others in the south, you're just beginning to close the pools.

    Last week at a staff meeting, instead of the usual inventory levels report, we got something a bit more interesting, the top products among our customers for pool winterization.

    Top line of pool covers (Super Glacier), most popular pool plug (#9), most popular Winter Kit (Ultimate), etc... It got me thinking about the most popular pool chemicals sold during winter.

    Stabilized Tablets

    chloro-tabletasSomewhat surprisingly, or not - chlorine tablets are a big seller during fall. Sure, a lot of buckets are heading down to warmer southern regions, but many of our customers use chlorine tablets during winter. If you use a chlorine floater, be sure to tie it off on both sides of the pool with string or twine, to keep it from tipping over or coming to rest on a step or the pool floor. I'm also told that a lot of customers restock in the fall for the following season, buying at our low season-ending closeout prices.

    Ultimate Winter Kit

    ultimate-winter-pool-kitThis surprised me a little bit, because it's our most expensive closing kit, and is probably not very useful for our aboveground customers. It's a great kit for any inground pool, and especially for those with a mesh cover or a less than perfect condition solid cover. The Ultimate Winter Kit has everything that's in the Large Kit, but also has Natural Chemistry Metal Free and Pool Magic Spring & Fall, both great products. If you have city water and do not usually have a messy pool opening, the regular pool closing kits or winter kits are perfect!  

    SPP Winter Algaecide

    spp-winter-algaecideMany people fill up a chlorine floater (carefully!) and use our Winter Algaecide to keep the water fresh all winter long. When you close your pool with clean and clear water, balanced chemistry and a high chlorine level, and then cap it with a good pool cover, you do not need much to keep it looking that way. Add a quart of Winter Algaecide for 6 month protection, for pools up to 25000 gallons. For larger pools or those that open messy from lots of trees and/or sun, buy a second quart and add it under the cover 4-6 weeks before opening.  

    Pool Magic Spring & Fall

    pool-magic-spring-fallFor pools that open messy every year, requiring loads of shocking and filtering to bring it back, Pool Magic can give you the first blue pool opening in years. Enzyme formula removes organics from the water, extending your winter pool chemicals. But wait, there's more! Phosphate removers gets rid of a favorite food of algae. Remove the phosphates from your pool, and algae has a very hard time getting a foothold during spring. I do not want to overhype it - but out of 114 reviews it has 5 stars!  

    Pool Antifreeze

    antifreeze-for-poolsDo you need to use pool antifreeze? Probably a little bit, yes. After blowing the lines, pour a cup into the skimmer, before plugging it, and then pour a cup into the skimmer, or pour 2 cups into a clean plastic bottle and use as an ice absorption device for the skimmer. When rain or pool water freezes inside the skimmer, it will collapse the bottle (inward) and not the skimmer walls (outward). If you do not blow the lines, by all means Antifreeze is called for, at a rate of 1 gallon per 10 ft of pipe. Never pour antifreeze into your pump, filter, heater, chlorinator - drain instead by removing the drain plugs.  

    If you have any particular questions about you particular winter pool chemistry, feel free to call anyone of the SPP Pool Experts, were always here to talk "pool", at 800-983-POOL.

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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