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    March Madness: Build a Basketball Pool

    March 14, 2013

    water-basketball-The month of March is known for the Division I NCAA basketball tournament which people call the March Madness tournament. For all of you college basketball fanatics, you can create your own full court basketball game in the comfort of your own backyard swimming pool.

    The actual size of an NCAA full size basketball court is 94’x50’ - most residential pools are not that large so we will have to modify the dimensions of the basketball court we are creating in our swimming pool.

    The pool style that was created for the basketball lover’s pool has a double shallow end, with steps at each end. We call these inground pool kits - Sport Pools. A true Sport Pool is typically 40” on each side of the pool for at least 8ft and then has a gradual slope on each side of the pool going down to a depth of 5 to 6ft deep in the middle of the pool. sport pool and flat bottom pools

    Sport pools are usually built when customers want to be able to play water polo, volleyball or basketball in the swimming pool. Another option for the sports minded pool owner is to install a flat bottom pool kit, which will have an all over water depth of around 36".  This depth is a bit shallow for tall adults, but can be perfect for a lap pool, volleyball or other pool games. For more info on shallow depth inground pool kits, see Larry's post "Inground Pool Kits: Can My Pool Floor Be Flat?"

    The most common shaped pool for a sport pool is a Rectangle but a sport pool (or a flat bottomed pool) can be created for any shape pool that we have available.


    A REAL basketball lover’s pool would be a gunite pool if you want to paint court lines along the bottom of the pool. To create your pool basketball court, use a black pool paint in epoxy to establish the foul lines on each end of the pool, and also the 3 point arc on each end of the pool.pool basketballs

    On each of the end of the pool you would obviously need pool basketball hoops, and in order to play- of course you would need a pool basketball. Now that your pool court is ready, let the games begin! The only thing that you need now to make it like a real basketball tournament would be a few fans and a referee to officiate the game.


    One of the advantages of the flat bottom pool or the sport pool configuration are that you do not have as much water in the pool. This saves money on water, chemicals, electricity and heating costs. And, if you install the 40” flat bottom pool, you typically do not need a main drain along the bottom of the pool which is less plumbing involved and no chance of having a leak in the main drain line (if you do not have one).


    pool-shotThe pool basketball hoop that I would recommend which would be the closest to a genuine NCAA hoop, used during the March Madness tournament would be our Splash & Slam Basketball game. This basketball hoop has a regulation size rim and is fully adjustable for all ages, allowing you to lower the or raise the hoop to different heights.

    The Splash & Slam basketball game does not need to be anchored into your pool deck, it has a base that is filled with water and is completely portable. This is our Best pool basketball hoop - but we do have lots of others, in many price ranges. See our Water Sports page to investigate all of our March Madness Pool Basketball Games.

    Enjoy the Games!  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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