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    Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Pool Owner

    December 6, 2011

    Great Gift Ideas for pool ownersThe Holiday Season is extremely busy so for those of you who, like myself, do their shopping at the last minute. I have some great gift ideas for a pool owner.

    Some pool owners complain about the maintenance of their pool - but if you have the right equipment you can enjoy your pool without the worry.  A great gift any pool owner would love would be an automatic pool cleaner.

    There are 3 different style automatic pool cleaners: Suction Side, Pressure Side, and Robotic.  I am not only in the pool industry but also a pool owner and my recommendation would be a robotic cleaner - it is the easiest and quickest way to clean the pool.  Any pool owner that receives this as a gift would be very thankful.  Inground robotic pool cleaners start at just $600, and aboveground robotic cleaners are about half that cost. Both types of robot pool cleaners really clean well, and are worth every penny.

    All pool owners would love to have a warmer pool! Give the gift of warmth this year;  we have a few different options available.  The traditional way to heat a pool would be a gas pool heater and they are available in either Natural gas or propane gas.  Another option would be an Electric Heat pump it is more expensive on the initial purchase but you will get that money back in a few years and after that nothing but a savings.  Wouldn't your family be happy to see one of these pool heaters under the tree this year!  To make it easier, call (800) 983-7665 and speak to one of our experts - who can match up pool size to the best heating option.

    Another great gift of heat for a pool owner would be a solar blanket. Solar blankets will help maintain the temperature of the water and also help take the chill off the pool by increasing the temperature of the water.  Solar covers are sold by shape and size. Freeform pools should buy a large enough blanket to cover the pool, and then can be trimmed with a razor knife. A solar blanket cover is be something that any pool owner would love to have if they don’t already own one, or their solar blanket is starting to show it's age.

    During the summer, everyone enjoys relaxing in their pool with a cool refreshing drink, and  there  is nothing  better than relaxing on a  nice pool float or pool lounge chair.  We have many different pool floats and lounges to choose from depending on the amount you are looking to spend. Pool floats are great gifts for kids and adults - everyone loves 'em! Our warehouse is stacked to the ceiling with various sizes, types and styles, ranging from $8.99 - $299.00.

    For the sports enthusiast we have many different swimming pool games. Basketball, Volleyball, and Water Polo, to name a few.  A great gift idea for someone who loves golf would be our floating  pool golf game for just $34.99.

    If you have someone that enjoys their swimming pool for pool fitness - we have the perfect gift idea.  Everyone enjoys fitness a little more when they are in the water. One great product would be our Home Swimmer in Pool Exercise System or the Aquajogger. We have a full line of pool fitness equipment - attractive, low cost and a fine gift to give.

    A major concern for pool owners can be pool safety, and for those of you that have children or grandchildren, a pool safety cover would be a great gift idea.  You no longer have to worry about one of your loved ones falling into the pool and getting injured or the worst possible scenario - drowning.  A safety cover holds 350 lbs. of weight per sq. ft. and a total weight capacity of 5000 lbs.  All of our safety pool covers are ASTM certified.  The safety cover will also prevent any animals from falling into the pool.

    After using a traditional pool cover with water tubes,  the lucky person that receives a safety cover will be very thankful. A safety cover will last about 5 times longer ( Normal life expectancy 10-12 years),  and will also look much nicer - not like a swamp in the backyard.

    Another product that I would recommend is a pool alarm. Pool alarms will sound a very loud alert on a remote receiver inside the house if something 18lbs or more enters the pool.  By gifting a pool alarm you are giving peace of mind and reduced worries to your pool owning friends and family.

    For people of who have pets I would recommend one of our Skamper Ramps or Doggie life vests. This hooks on to your deck and allows the dog, cat or any pet (or wild animal) an escape ramp to get out of the pool.  You never can put a price on safety so that should never be a concern in regards to any of these Pool Pet Safety gift ideas. Fortunately, these gifts are inexpensive to give.

    Forget the headaches of shopping at local mall, fighting for a parking space or having to wait in a line at the cash register.   Give us a call or order on our website - we have these great gift ideas in stock and ship the same day you order it.  So, don't wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping, visit our holiday gift giving guide today - we've done all the shopping for you!  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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