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    Intex Pools: The Perfect Starter Pool

    July 18, 2014


    The Intex pool is as American as apple pie, even if it is made in China. Everywhere I go in my travels around the country, I see Intex Pools.

    Intex pools are quick to set up, and quick to take down, no wonder they're so popular. I like to think of them as a perfect 'starter' pool, and imagine that after learning the ropes and enjoying the pool lifestyle, it's only a matter of time before they take the next step, and build their own inground pool.

    If you'd like to take a cautious step into pool ownership, you can ease into it by buying an Intex Easy Set, Metal Frame or Ultra Frame pool. Take a look!

    Intex Easy Set Pools

    It's called the "Easy Set" because all you have to do is spread it out on level ground, inflate the top ring, and start filling the pool! Millions of these pools have been installed for instant fun.



    * 18 ft diameter, and 4 ft depth.

    * Super Tough® 3-Ply vinyl pool shell resists punctures.

    * Includes Pump, Cartridge Filter, Ladder.

    * Holds over 7500 gallons.

    * Soft Edges and Cute Design!

    * Swim in 10 minutes! 

    Intex Metal Frame Pools

    The Metal Frame line of pools, so called because of the rigid metal frame that surrounds the heavy duty pool shell, provides a structure strong enough for teenagers!



    * Galvanized Steel Frame is much stronger than PVC pools.

    * Super Tough Laminated sidewall with reinforced vinyl.

    * 24' diameter, 52" water depth holds over 12400 gallons.

    * Includes Ground Cloth, Pool Cover & Maintenance Kit.

    * Pump, Sand Filter and Ladder.


    Intex Ultra Frame Pools

    The Ultra Frame Pool comes in a soft gray color, with brilliant white coping and ladder. It's attractive yes - but also big - in 5 sizes, up to 16x32.


    * Powder coated Steel Frame with larger diameter tubes.

    * Kicker design is super easy and fast to erect.

    * Many shapes & sizes available, from 5000-15000 gals.

    * Includes Ground Cloth, Pool Cover, Maintenance Kit.

    * Pump, Sand Filter, Pool Skimmer, Salt Chlorinator.


    Intex Pool Installation

    Installing your own Intex pool is a lot quicker than installing one of our inground pool kits! In most cases, two people can complete the job in under an hour, not including filling the pool.

    The most important step in installing your own Intex pool is to make sure that the ground is level. Even if you have installed the pool in the same location before, check that the ground is absolutely level. Even one inch of slope can affect the structural integrity of your pool, so use a carpenter's level on a long 2x4, or use a string level on a line running between stakes, to determine where your high and low spots are.

    To level your ground, use shovels and sweat to shave off the high spots, to match the low spots. do not do it the other way around and add fill dirt or sand to the low spots, which can shift over time. Lower the high spots to meet the lowest spots, so you have tierra firma to build your pool upon.

    Once your ground is level, you and a helper can assemble the pool and start filling your new Intex pool - the perfect Starter Pool!  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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