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    Intex Pool Kits - Set Up and Swim

    June 12, 2015

    intex-pools-set-up-and-start-up Meet Jessica, mother to 3 beautiful children, who never seem to go outside. Jessica has been hinting at a swimming pool for years ~ but there's still just a patch of grass in the backyard. She sends her kids to go outside and they come back in after 5 minutes, whining that "it's too hot!" School lets out in just a week and the only summer activities they have lined up do not start for another month.

    She dreads the messy house, the incessant bleeting of video games, the struggle to keep them active and productive and polite to each other.

    A swimming pool would bring it all together, a place where she and the kids could harmoniously spend summer afternoons, while the kids get some exercise and improve their swimming skills. But, is it too late? Has another summer slipped by?

    businesswoman_superhero_pose_400_wht_15830Springing into Action, Jessica searches the internet for a simple pool that she could install quickly - a starter pool, until she can plan for a more permanent pool. She recognizes the Intex pools, and after browsing a few sites, narrows down her search to an 18' round intex portable pool kit - which led her to visit poolproducts.com; which is how I got the whole story (and permission to use it)!

    She wanted to know how to set-up and start-up the pool. I told her that the instructions were really good that came with the pool. It has pictures every step of the way, and a DVD that they can watch.

    easy-set-aniSetting up an Intex Pool really takes very little time. The Easy Set pools are called that for a reason, just fill the top ring with air and fill the pool. It rises by itself as the pool fills. Just choose a level spot, in a good location, lay out the ground cover and you're halfway done! Connect the hoses for the little pump and filter unit, and plug it into a grounded outlet.

    But Jessica wasn't thrilled with the Easy Set pools, despite the easy installation. She was afraid of damage to the air ring or the soft sided pool. She asked about the Frame Set pools, "How hard are those to put up? Talk to me woman to woman, Debbie", she said. "Can my strong muscled yet strong willed ten year old and myself do this?"

    "That depends" I chuckled, "on how level the ground is where you want to put the pool. Do you have a VERY flat area?" I asked.  She said that she did have a very flat backyard, especially in the area where they planned to put the pool. "That's great!" I told her, adding that you still want to make sure it's absolutely level. If it's off by more than an inch, it can cause problems for the pool.

    spray-painting-the-pool-diameterStart by painting the outline of the pool on the ground. Do this by putting a stake in the center of the pool, and tying a string to it. Measure the string to the exact radius of the pool, and add 1 foot to the measurement. Hold the string at the measured point and in the same hand hold a can of spray paint. Walk in a large circle, holding the string taut, and spraying the paint close to the ground (warning - wear old shoes).

    Check for level ground by using an 8' 2x4 board, one that's not warped, and lay it flat on the ground, up against the stake. Oh, first cut the grass very short and rake it well, so you're not measuring over grass, sticks and rubble. make-sure-the-pool-is-level

    Walk on the 2x4 to make sure it's flat on the ground. Place a carpenter's level on the 2x4, to be sure the ground is not more than 1" out of level. Move the 2x4 around the stake to measure all around the pool circumference.

    If the ground is more than 1" off level - you would need to remove the high spots, not fill the low spots. Adding fill under an aboveground pool can wash out, making you wish you'd taken the harder route of knocking down the high spots! An inch of fill in spots will probably be OK and adding an inch of sand is often used for a smoother bottom, but adding several inches of fill dirt is asking for trouble!


    An Intex pool in the box looks big when it arrives on your doorstep, I told her. do not try to move it, but get a razor knife and carefully open up the long side. Then pull out the 5 or 6 smaller boxes and accessory items inside and cart these out to the job site. We then covered the process of how to set up the pool - here's a brief summary of the conversation.

    Set Up of an Intex Frame Set Pool 


    • Lay down the ground cloth
    • Spread out the pool liner
    • Assemble the frame sections
    • Pop Up the pool to it's full height
    • Connect the filter hoses, plug in the pump
    • Fill the pool, and add kids!

    We chatted so long, the office manager was ready to lock me in for the night. I checked the inventory levels to be sure that we had the pool she wanted in stock, and Jessica placed an order online for the Ultra Frame 18' Intex pool kit - and soon her kids will be unplugged, clean and cool, and learning how to swim, and Jessica will become another happy pool owner!

    If this story sounds like you, give me a call and we can start you on the path to pool ownership! See all of our Intex Pool Kits, ready for you!

    Stay cool this summer!

    Debbie Farnan
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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