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    Install a Backyard Ice Rink this Winter!

    November 7, 2014


    Do you live in the Great White North? Does your family need an activity to get them out of the house when the big freeze sets in? Are there Blackhawk fans in the house, or fond memories of Meryl & Charlie?

    The answer to all these questions and needs is a backyard ice rink! All you need is a semi-flat patch of yard or asphalt, and some cold temps. It's kind of like setting up a very shallow pool, except no hassle with plumbing or chemicals! Just set up the frame, secure the liner and fill with water.

    Ice Princess or Hockey Player, everyone will enjoy a personal ice rink, and they are so easy to set up and maintain.  

    Setting Up a Backyard Ice Rink

    NiceRink-2With the Nice Rink ice rink kit, installing a personal ice rink couldn't be easier. It comes with the patented NiceRink™ Brackets, an 6 mil liner, and a logo "Rink Rat" hockey puck. The area for your ice rink should be relatively flat, but the NiceRink system can handle a slight slope of up to 10" from end to end. Set up the brackets, and insert cut lengths of 3/4" plywood into the brackets, connecting them end to end. The height of the sidewalls can be 12", 16" or 24" tall. Once the frame is set up, you can place the NiceRink liner, and secure it around the edge. Add a hose, and fill 'er up to a depth of 4-12". In freezing temperatures, your ice rink will be frozen solid and ready for skates in 1-2 days.

    Frequently Asked Backyard Ice Rink Questions

    Q: How Much Space do I Need for a NiceRink?

    A: Our 14'x36' Ice Rink Kit takes up just that much space, plus 1-2 ft. on each side. Larger NiceRink kits are available. up to 50'x95' in size.

    Q: Will the NiceRink Kill Grass Under the Liner?

    A: Not when you use our grass-loving white/white liner. Other colors may kill grass - but the patented NiceRink liner allows light through to sustain grass.Sticks Ready! Hockey on the NiceRink

    Q: Time to Install a NiceRink?

    A: The best part about the NiceRink system are the patented brackets, which make installation fast and easy. Our 14'x36' ice rink kit can be installed in under 2 hours.

    Q: What Temperatures are Needed to Keep it Frozen?

    A: You probably expect the answer of 32°, but in fact, temperatures can climb into the 40's, and the majority of the ice will stay frozen, with slight melting on the surface. A cold night is all that's needed to refreeze.

    Q: What about Rain & Snow?Using the NiceRInk Groomer

    A: Rain on the surface will typically freeze soon after hitting the ice surface, or at night when temperatures drop again. Snow on the surface, well it has to be removed, either by snow shovel, snow pusher, or snow blower.

    Q: Do I need to Buy a Zamboni?

    A: No Zamboni required, although many NiceRink owners have made their own Zamboni machine, using a golf cart or a lawn tractor. An easier option is to use the patented NiceRink Groomer, to create ice as smooth as glass. Just connect a garden hose, and drag it around.

    Q: Can I Install a NiceRink on top of my Inground Pool?

    A: That's a fun idea - but no, it would be unsafe for the skaters and could also damage the pool.

    nicerink-map-seasonQ: Length of Outdoor Ice Skating Season? A: Is it just me, or do winters seem to be getting longer and colder? We set some records here last year for our cold winter weather. And this year is predicted to be another cold one, with a possibility of another El niño bearing down on North America! The length of the ice skating season depends on how far north you are, but NiceRinks can be installed in northern regions of many southern states, albeit for shorter seasons. See our Backyard Ice Rink Season Map - click for larger image.

    Q: What about Damage to the NiceRink Liner?

    A: The 6 mil liner is tough, but over time, it will develop nicks and cuts, especially around the sidewalls (although you can install side rail protection). Most of these are above water level, so the liner will still hold water. No matter the location, the NiceRink liner can be patched with any vinyl patch kit. A tube of squeeze patch is included with every NiceRink.

    Q: How Do I Store the NiceRink for Summer?

    A: When the ice finally thaws, there are a number of ways to drain the ice rink. When empty, the liner should be allowed to fully dry, then fold it up for safe summer storage. The brackets and panels disassemble quickly and stack neatly.

    So, even if you aren't a Chicago Blackhawks fan, or you do not know who Meryl & Charlie are - you can still buy our patented NiceRink portable ice rink kit and create your own Frozen Memories® this winter!  

    Debbie Farnan
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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