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    Inground Pool Prices

    April 21, 2015


    What's it cost to build an inground pool? About half as much if you do the work yourself. But let's start from the assumption that you plan to hire a pool builder to construct your backyard paradise. And while I'm making assumptions, let's assume that you have a choice of vinyl, gunite and fiberglass pool builders in your area, although for some, choices are limited.

    How much does it cost to install a pool?

    moneyAverage pool cost can vary dramatically by area, but roughly follow local economics. That is; where the cost of living is high, so is the cost to build an inground pool, and where it's cheaper to live, it's also cheaper to swim. The cost to build a pool is also affected by your local supply and demand. In areas of high pool concentration, such as Florida, Texas and Arizona, there are a higher number of pool builders (supply) to build a high number of pools (demand).

    We've taken some industry data, available through our trade association (APSP) to find the average cost of inground pools in the United States. To compare apples to oranges, all pools are the same size- 18'x36', with a simple 1.5 hp pump and sand filter and a 3 foot perimeter pool deck. Just basic equipment, nothing fancy.

    Cost to Build a Fiberglass Poolhow-much-does-it-cost-to-build-a-fiberglass-pool

    • NorthEast - $32-35K
    • SouthEast - $29-32K
    • SouthWest - $30-33K
    • NorthWest - $31-34K

    Cost to Build a Gunite Poolhow-much-does-it-cost-to-build-a-gunite-pool

    • NorthEast - $42-45K
    • SouthEast - $39-42K
    • SouthWest - $40-43K
    • NorthWest - $41-44K

    Cost to Build a Vinyl Poolhow-much-does-it-cost-to-build-a-vinyl-pool

    • NorthEast - $29-32K
    • SouthEast - $24-27K
    • SouthWest - $27-30K
    • NorthWest - $28-31K

    You can see by the data above, that in every market, a vinyl lined pool, (with concrete floors and steel walls) is always cheaper than the other inground pool types. And, it's the most DIY friendly type of inground pool too.

    What's it Cost to Build your own Pool?

    CASHHalf the cost of having a local pool builder do it! Why? Because of the costs of doing business - overhead and the profit add up to a 50% premium over what you would pay if you bought your own inground pool kit, and hired excavators, electricians and helpers, with yourself acting as the general contractor.

    We've broken down the cost to install an inground pool many times on this blog. We have line item listed every cost, and know from nearly 20 years of providing online DIY pool kits - You CAN build your own pool, for half the cost of local pool installers. Here's some links to previous blog posts we've done on prices and costs for DIY inground pool installations:


    Thousands of handy Americans, just like you - self-install their own inground pool every year. SPP has been providing online DIY inground pool kits since 1996, and we're the only company with unlimited and Free technical support, every step of the way - and, our own professional installer who can travel to you for a week - accomplishing 90% of the job alongside you and your team.

    You can build your own inground pool, and we can help you do it! Give us a call to get started! 800-983-POOL

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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