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    Inground Pool Design: Very Small & Very Large Pools

    November 4, 2013


    In our series of short articles on inground swimming pool design, we take a look some small - and large, examples of inground pool designs, with a special purpose.

    Very small, or narrow pools are common in urban settings or at resort homes. Large pools are built when the expanse of space and budget will allow. Our standard inground pool kits start at 12x24 and go as large as 20x40, but we can put together pool kits that are much smaller, or much larger.

    Here's some ideas or things to think about when planning to build your own inground pool kit. The best size pool for you may not be the largest one that will fit, but you also may not want a pool that feels too small for certain activities.

    Small Inground Pool Kits

    small-poolsSmall pool designs are often wedged into tiny backyards, or stuffed into a corner of a basement, for an indoor pool. But a small pool need not be small just because of a lack of space. Plunge pools are becoming more popular in America's backyards. These are small pools, which may look like large hot tubs, with a few bench seats.

    Therapy pools or exercise pools are also another reason for building a small pool. You can swim against the current of a large Badu jet, which blows a huge blast of water just below the surface, and you swim against the current. Other pools are used for gentler water therapy, or exercises in the buoyancy of the water.

    Small pools have several advantages over larger pools:

    • Cheaper and faster to build
    • Cheaper to operate
    • Easier to maintain
    • Easier to cover

    Small pool kits can even be aboveground pool kits, which are partially or fully submerged in the ground. This allows you to install a round pool, from 12' to 30' diameter. The 30' pool is not really a small pool however, but a 12' or 15' pool kit makes a nice way to construct a small pool in your backyard.

    Large Inground Pool Kits

    large-poolsA large pool design can stretch out, and coupled with expansive deck spaces, can occupy a large footprint, if you have space and no other restrictions. Restrictions like setbacks from the property line, or from drainage areas, septic fields or resource protected areas.

    Large pools are best for active sports use of the pool. Volleyball games, swimming laps, lots of swimmers. If you expect very large numbers of swimmers on occasion, or entertaining for large groups, a larger pool offers enough room.

    Large pools will bring these specific advantages:

    • More suitable for active sports use
    • Necessary for a diving board or slide
    • Great for entertaining groups of 5-50
    • Can use larger pool toys and floats

    Large inground pool kits can be L-shaped or T-shaped design, or custom configurations of wall panels can be joined into a custom pool kit design for nearly any shape of inground pool. Two or more pool kits can be joined together to create some very unique variations in size and shape.  

    Whatever pool design is your dream pool, a large backyard oasis, or a small reflection pool, we can help it make it happen. SPP pool experts work with our customers to help design the perfect pool, from layout to landscaping, and - we are there every step of the way, for any amount of support you need to build your own inground pool.  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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