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    Inground Pool Design: The Desert Oasis

    August 12, 2013

    desert-pool-design In our series of posts on inground pool design, we now turn our attention to pool design ideas for what we call the "Desert Oasis".  This pool need not be in an actual desert, you can pull off this type of pool design in all southern parts of the country, and with slight modifications to plant choices, they can be installed in the north as well. The "style" usually employed is a variation on a Southwestern U.S. theme, but could just as easily use Mexican, Moroccan or Arabian influences. SPP Inground pool kits are homeowner installed, and that takes care of the underground part. What you create around the pool will give the pool and the backyard, a unique look and feel - a style or theme.

    Desert pool colorsThe color palette of the Desert pool is muted. Colors are flat and smooth, in natural earth tones, as shown to the left.These colors can be brought out in the fencing and decking choices. Also in raised walls of the pool or water features attached to the pool. Plant selections for a Desert style pool, will be ever green and ever brown.desert-hue-pool-liners

    For the pool liner, you can choose from tones in light brown hues. With an inground liner in the brown spectrum, your water will still be blue, but with soft desert undertones. These liners match great with decking choices in similar or contrasting desert colors.

    Furniture selections around the pool can also reflect your theme. Large, chunky furniture in whites or desert tones. Fabric patterns can add some American Indian, Mexican or Moroccan influence to outdoor rugs, throw pillows or cabana curtains.

    Cabanas around the pool, in a simple frame structure, with long, flowing drapes tied back to the corner posts - is a great way to add a desert touch to your pool decor. Electricity can be easily added to pool cabanas, for ceiling fans, lighting or audio/video.


    outdoor-fireplacesDay beds can be used inside the cabana, single or double lounge chairs, or a conversation area can be set up, with comfy chairs around a low table. It could also be an outdoor dining area.

    Integrating the cabana or other seating area with an outdoor fireplace, firepit, chimenea or patio heaters to warm the cool nights in the 'desert'.

    Plants around a desert pool - depending on your zone, you can add different types of cactus, palms and ornamental grasses. Many are hardy down to zone 5, such as prickly pear cactus, cotton candy grass, and windmill palms, shown below. If you are in zones 7-9, you'll have more options for planted areas. Volcanic rocks or river rock can be used as ground cover for areas outside of the pool deck.


    Designing and building your own desert oasis swimming pool will give you more pride of ownership than if someone else builds a pool for you. Adding a theme to the pool is easier than you may think, again - the pool construction part is the same, it's what you put around the pool that really makes it something special.

    Pool fencing, decking and patio areas, plants and borders, cabanas and seating areas - all of these elements help create any type of outdoor pool that you imagine. The Desert Pool theme is just one of many types of pool motifs that we work on with our DIY pool construction clients.

    When you choose SPP to Build your own DIY inground pool, myself or any of the other Pool Experts can help you give your pool some personality.  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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