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    Inground Pool Design: Popular Inground Pool Kit Shapes

    February 21, 2013

    pool kit shapes

    Choosing your pool shape is one of those decisions that you want to get right. It's not easy to change the shape of your swimming pool once it's installed! The shape of a swimming pool should complement or contrast with the shape of the house, or perhaps the lot. Your inground pool can be linear and cubist, or you can add flowing curves. It may be a matter of preference or style, but in many cases your pool shape choice may be influenced by what you're working with around the pool.


    Rectangular pool kit shapes, or modified rectangle pool shapes

    Our most popular shape of inground pool is our standard Rectangle pool kit. The most common radius is our 2ft radius corner, which gives a nice shape to the pool and the pool liner fits the corners better than the 6” or 4ft radius corners. Another rectangular shaped pool that is very popular is our Grecian style pool.  The Grecian pool has cut corners instead of radius corners, or 45 degree corners. Roman ends give us more types of modified rectangle pools, such as the Venetian and Roman style pool shapes shown above.

    Some customers choose the shape of the pool according to their backyard. If your backyard is rectangular in shape then one of these modified rectangles would probably look the nicest; as it would be consistent with the design of your backyard. L-Shaped Pool Kits

    We have some customers that order the Full L shaped pool because their yard goes off to the right or left.  This shape of pool allows the pool to go around a corner, or mirror the shape of the home. Our Full L shaped pool, shown right, is the largest pool we sell, it is like having two pools in the backyard. We also have the "Lazy-L" pool shape, which is more like a Hockey Stick pool shape, the additional section juts out at a 45 degree, instead of the 90 degree turn the the "True-L" pool shape uses.


    When it comes to the freeform style pool kits, our two most popular pools are the Mountain Oasis and the Kidney pool shapes. Installing a freeform shaped pool kit is not much more difficult that a freeform, all of the components are manufactured to fit together in the shape, and the floor dimensions are simple to follow.

    Freeform pool kit shapes

    Freeform pool shapes look best to the person who enjoys the curves. They may match your backyard terrain or landscaping, better than a rectangular pool. Or, perhaps everything on your property seems overly rectangular - in this case, a freeform pool can add some balance, and soften the lines in the backyard.Mountain Oasis pool shape, freeform pool kits

    Freeform pools are only slightly more complicated to install, and are the same amount of work to care and maintain. If you had thoughts of an automatic pool cover, however, a rectangular shape will allow you to hide the tracks, under the coping. Also, safety covers for winter are much cheaper to buy for a rectangle than for a freeform shape. If these aren't deal busters for you, by all means consider installing a freeform pool kit, such as the popular Lagoon style, shown right.


    For small spaces, our ExerPool™ and TheraPool™ designs are perfect. The ExerPool™ is a DIY exercise pool, commonly called a SwimSpa, and although you do not have to heat it up to Spa temperatures, you could if you wanted.

    Exercise pools use high volume flows of water to create a continuous resistance that you swim against. The current is adjustable; dial in the level of flow that you comfortably swim against. Our ExerPool™ includes your choice of either the BaduStream Over-the-Wall Water Treadmill or Super Sport Jet System.

    The depth of the pool is sometimes limited by the geographic area; if you live on the coast or have a high water table then you would probably want to go with a shallower pool - something around 5ft deep. Everyone likes something different it really comes down what shape you like and want your budget is for the swimming pool.therapy-pool

    A therapy pool is usually a small sized pool of 5-6 feet in depth, that can easily be heated for daily use. Since the early part of last century, resorts have drawn thousands of visitors to hot springs and mineral springs for relief of various ailments. Warm water therapy can be beneficial for arthritis and other rheumatic and immunologic ailments.

    Sports injuries or other accidents that require rehabilitative therapy are perfect to perform in water. Low resistance and buoyancy of the water helps all forms of physical therapy. Our Therapy Pool Kits come in 3 sizes, and are perfect for indoors or outdoor DIY installation.

    What's your favorite pool shape? My backyard pool is a rectangle, but the water feels just as cool as any other shape!  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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