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    Inground Pool Design: Modern Pools

    August 26, 2013

    modern-pool-design Another in a series of pool design ideas. In this segment, we explore the possibilities for building your own inground pool, with some contemporary flair. During the early phases of communication with our SPP Pool Kit customers, we like to ask about the plans for landscaping and decking surrounding the pool. We listen carefully for clues as to the lifestyle and tastes of the homeowner. If your current lifestyle has a modern style, this post has ideas to create a pool paradise that carries that style from inside the house, into the backyard and your DIY inground pool.

    Modern Decking and Fencing

    As with most themes that you can apply to swimming pools, most of the impression is done with what surrounds the pool. What you install as a pool deck and nearby walls and fencing can make a dramatic statement. We wrote a post about pool deck options, here's some new photos of pools with a modern decking and wall choices. Glass fencing makes excellent internal fence around a pool, and is definitely modern.

    modern-pool-decking modern-pool-decking modern-pool-decking-3 modern-pool-decking-4

    Modern Water Features

    Water features are a great way to add modern styles to your pool. These are not usually rocky cascades or rough and tumble water falls. Modern water features are most often subdued and serene sheets of water coming from a raised wall. Laminar deck jets mounted in the pool deck, can shoot lighted streams or water in an arc over the water. Take a look at my earlier post, for more pool water feature ideas.

    modern-pool-water-features modern-pool-water-features-2 modern-pool-water-features-3 modern-pool-water-features-4

    Modern Pool Furniture

    Every modern pool will need modern furniture, agreed? Today's outdoor pool and patio furniture is more comfortable, built for lounging. Large, chunky styles with stylish curves are now popular, in forms that resemble a living room set up. Materials are more resistant to rain and sun, and dry more quickly than in previous eras. Wicker styles can be purchased at fairly inexpensive prices (especially this time of year).

    modern-pool-furniture-1 modern-pool-furniture-2 modern-pool-decking modern-pool-furniture-4

    Modern pool design will use clean lines and linear forms, just like modern home design. The style is generally minimalistic, in that there is not much 'noise' or clutter around the deck. Plant choices are very deliberate, and used sparingly.

    A modern pool style works great with any one of our rectangular pool kits. Surrounding our inground pool kit with your choice of modern decking and fencing options, maybe a water feature and finally, some comfy modern pool furniture.

    Let us know if any of these modern pool design ideas get you thinking. We'd love to help you build your own inground pool, with any type of pool design you like!  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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