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    Inground Pool Design: Diving Pools, Lap Pools, Sport Pools

    April 25, 2013

    Pool Design for the Active pool owner

    In our continuing series of Inground Pool Design, we take on the topic of Active Pools - those pools built purposely for recreation.

    Swimming pools are truly multi-purpose recreation and leisure products. Many people build their own swimming pool for the reflective beauty that it adds to the backyard. These pools typically do not see much action, they serve to provide a serene place of relaxation.

    But other pools - are enjoyed by their DIY pool builder, as places of exercise, fitness and fun! Indeed, swimming is one of the best exercises you can do, and more and more pools are being homeowner built - to match a fit lifestyle, or provide a place for kids to work on their flip turns and diving drills.

    Diving Pools

    Nothing is more fun for kids, than lining up behind the diving board - taking turns showing off their best dives. Pools with diving boards can be dangerous however, especially for young men, showing off their diving skills. This is why a diving pool must be specifically constructed to have a deep end of at least 8 feet, and a long slope, to prevent hitting the bottom on a deep dive.

    For this reason, diving pool kits are at least 18'x36' in size, or larger. We had a customer last year who used our 20'x40' pool kit to install a commercial 1/2 meter diving board. His daughter was a competitive diver, and this pool was built to be a "real" diving pool. For the larger diving board, the pool was dug deeper, to 9.5 feet, and the shallow end area was shortened, to allow for a longer and safer slope from the deep end to the shallow end.

    Diving boards are great fun, and if you want to build your own dive pool, we are here to help you build a safer diving pool, compliant with the most recent (2011) diving board standards for residential pools.

    Lap Pools

    For the competitive swimmer, or the fitness swimmer - flip turns are a bummer. Our inground Lap Pool Kits are designed to reduce the amount of turns you have to make. We can design a Lap Pool Kit of nearly any length, and make the best use of your backyard space.

    Lap pools are typically one depth all the way across, and do not usually have a deep end. This has the advantage of saving on heating and treating costs, as it reduces the total water volume considerably. Lap pools can be as shallow as 42" - or they can be dug deeper if you desire.

    Another advantage of a long, skinny pool is that they are easier to cover, with a solar blanket, winter cover or automatic cover. Covering a Lap Pool is cheaper than other pool designs, and the smaller pool cover can usually be removed by one person.

    Sport Pools

    A sport pool is one that has two shallow ends, with a deeper section in the center. These pool kits are known as sport pools because they are especially well suited to volleyball, basketball, skip-ball and a number of other fun pool games.

    Sport Pool Kits also have a pleasing aesthetic, with two Roman ends, and steps at each end. The depth of the deeper center, and the length of the shallow floor can be adjusted to suit your needs. They can be built longer than your average pool, to also function as a Lap Pool.

    Sport pools tend to be a bit easier to construct than a traditional pool with a deep end hopper design - a bit less shaping is required. And, similar to lap pools, their shallow depth holds less water, which means you'll spend less on chemicals, heat and filtering.

    So, for those of you with an "Active Lifestyle" - consider one of these types of inground pool kits that are more than just reflecting ponds. IF you're still trying to figure out which type of pool will be best for your family, take a look at these related blog posts.

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    Debbie Farnan
    SPP Pool Expert  

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