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    How To Order a DIY Inground Pool Kit

    January 19, 2012

    As a kid growing up, we never had a backyard swimming pool, and on hot days I would steal a swim in my friend Danny’s pool - across the street.  Since these younger days, I have always dreamed of owning an inground pool - my own backyard paradise.  My dream came true when I built my own inground pool; the same steel-walled pool that we sell at Specialty Pool Products.

    If I had hired a local pool contractor to build my pool, I would not have been able to afford it and would be swimming laps at the public pool (Danny's family has moved away).  You too can enjoy your own inground pool and enjoy the satisfaction of building the pool yourself. Thousands of our customers have done so; we have been helping hot homeowners build their own inground pools with our Pool Kits, since 1994.

    To start the process of ordering an inground pool kit I would recommend you take a tape measure and go out to your backyard and take some measurements of the area you want the pool to be located. Use some stakes and string and stake out the area.  After taking the measurements talk to your local building inspectors or permitting office in your town to find out about the setback requirements. Setbacks are laws that specify the location of new construction - how far [setback] from the house, how far from the side property lines and also how far from the back property line.  This will help you determine what size pool you are able to install.

    Make sure there are no utility lines underground that are going to interfere with the excavation of the pool.  You can call your local area "Miss Utility" or "Dig Safe" service. They will come to your home to mark and identify any underground lines. This very important step is a free service, no charge. If you are located in a more rural location with a septic field, you'll need to know the location of the septic tanks and tubes underground. Finally, if your backyard has a river running through it (like mine), you will need to determine setbacks from any RPA (Resource Protected Area) or designated wetland.

    Swimming pools should always be located on high ground, topographically speaking. If your lot has a low, depressed area, where the water table may be high, this could be a poor choice for locating an inground pool. During excavation you may hit water, which can be dealt with, but low areas with a high water table could also give you problems later on, after the pool is built.

    After determining the location and size of pool you want, get a quote from your local installer, for comparison purposes.  After your quote comes back, give us a call and let us show you how we can save you thousands of dollars compared to a local installer.  Of course, there is more work on your part, but wouldn't you give up a few weekends to save $10,000 or more? I would, and I did!

    You can view all of the different shapes and sizes of the different inground pool kits that we have available on our website. We have two different ways our pool kits can be ordered. Look at our Standard (Base) pool kit and our Deluxe pool kit, the most popular being the latter.  Here is link to show you the differences between both Standard & Deluxe pool kits so you can easily compare and contrast the options that come with the Base Pool Kit, and the extras that come with our Deluxe Pool Kit.

    These pool kits are usually customized for customer needs, so our two diy pool kits are really just a starting point. We like to say that we're like Burger King - “We Do It Your Way”.  Build the basic pool if you want, the water will feel just as nice - or, add extra steps, a spillover spa, or a pool slide. We can accommodate nearly any shape, from small kiddie pools, to loooong lap pools. Nearly anything you can dream up, we can package up on a skid, and ship it to you direct.

    After determine shape, size and which pool kit you want delivered, the next step is to decide what pattern or style of pool liner you want. This is the fun part!  Our standard pool kit normally comes with a 20 mil liner and the deluxe pool kit includes a 28 mil liner.  If you don't see a pattern you like in our pool packages, but find another liner that you like on our website - "We Do It Your Way".  We can even accommodate custom printed liners or specialty colors - we are "Specialty Pool Products"!

    Now think of any additional fun or practical items you would like sent with your pool kit.  Some of these options would include an upgrade to a salt water chlorine generator instead of using chlorine tablets. This will make your water soft and silky and much more enjoyable to swim in.  Using a salt water chlorine generator, you will never have anyone complain about burning eyes or skin discomfort.  I installed one of these on my own pool, and it's really cool.  Other options available could  be a slide, diving board, solar pool heaters or electric heat pump, LED lighting and robotic pool cleaners - just to mention a few.  We also offer other custom pool kit add-ons, such as automatic pool covers, and winter safety covers for our pool kits

    Now that you know all of the items you are looking for with your pool kit we can get you a firm price for your pool kit.  Our prices are very competitive, we may not be the lowest price but we will definitely give you the best service and support. When the pool kit arrives - if something is missing or damaged we don't tell you to call the manufacturer - like our competitors do.  You would speak to anyone at Specialty Pool Products and we would get the issue taken care of immediately.

    Another reason to order your pool kit from Specialty Pool Products is that we are a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1994, with an A+ rating. If you have any questions during the installation process - we are here from start to finish for you.  Specialty Pool Product was the first company on the internet with do-it-yourself swimming pool kits, and we have thousands of happy customers.  We can talk you through any obstacles that might occur, there is no issue that we have not seen.

    If you are the least bit handy, have no concerns - you can install your own inground pool. We do offer our Rent a Randy program if you are still not a believer of doing it yourself.  Our pool installation consultants will come to your home for 4 days and help you get your pool built. Compared to a local installer, utilizing our Rent a Randy program will still save close to half of what it would cost to have a local pool builder deliver you a turnkey swimming pool.

    Give us a call at (800) 983-7665 and ask for one of our Inground Pool Experts and we can help you with any questions you might have.  We would love to help you purchase and build your inground pool.  I like to say that we are not going to be out in the backyard holding the shovel - but we are the next best thing, just a phone call away!  At SPP, there are always pool professionals here to answer the phone and assist you build your own inground swimming pool!  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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