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    How to Measure for a New Spa Cover

    November 26, 2012

    When you utilize an insulated spa top you are not just protecting your spa from the outside elements. A spa top will do an outstanding job of trapping heat generated by the hot tub heater. A good spa cover will reduce your heating costs and will also slow evaporation. Also, by blocking UV exposure, your spa top will cut down on chemical consumption. Finally, a spa top when used properly, can create an effective barrier to children and other unauthorized hot tub crashers.

    How Long do Spa Covers Last?

    Spa covers will generally last three to  five years, although with good care, they can last much longer. Holes in the outer fabric or cracks in the inner foam core can lead you shopping for a new spa top. Another common spa cover failure occurs when a vapor barrier allows water to absorb into the foam core. This can make your once lightweight spa cover difficult to maneuver.

    How Can I Increase my Spa Cover's Lifespan?

    With proper care and maintenance, you can easily increase the spa top lifespan. Periodic cleaning and conditioning will help to keep the fabric soft. If unused for long periods of time, wrapping the spa cover with a small tarp will block the sun and rain.

    Gentle handling, and using a cover caddy or rack will prevent damage while moving. Keeping kids and big dogs off of your spa cover, as well as prompt snow removal will protect your inner core and hinge from damage. Using a floating thermal blanket or solar blanket will reduce the amount of moisture that your vapor barrier needs to block.

    Spa Cover Measuring Tips

    • Use a real tape measure, and not a ruler. Take your time.
    • Measure from outside to outside or to the outer edge that the spa top will cover.
    • Round up all measurements consistently to the nearest inch.
    • do not measure your old spa top but measure the spa or hot tub shell itself.
    • Check your measurements against our Spa Cover Designer tool.

    Round Spas: These are the easiest to measure you just need to take a diameter or overall width. Check it twice measuring perpendicular to your first measurement. This double checks your accuracy and ensures that the spa is a true round and not oval or elliptical.

    Square Corners: Square spa shells are rare but they do exist. I am not talking about the shape of the spa skirt around the spa but only the spa shell. These shapes are also fairly straight forward to measure. Measure from outside corner to outside corner, and record your measurements.


    Spa Cover Options

    • You are asked to select the location of the fold or where the hinge will be located. Choose this based on the easiest direction that you wish to fold and move your spa cover.
    • The skirt of the spa cover is the flap that hangs down on the side. Spa cover skirts up to 4 inches are standard. If you want an extra long skirt of 6-10 inches, the upcharge is $40. A longer skirt has a slight advantage in heat retention and wind blocking ability.
    • We also offer tie-down straps with fasteners you may include up to four of these at no charge. If you would like more tie-downs for $20 we can add two more. If you wish to have these tie-downs in specific locations we will need dimension and locations of where you would like to have them.
    • For added efficiency, you can add a continuous center heat seal for the hinge for $20. This locks out moisture and keeps your hinge working well.
    • Last, but certainly not least, we have fourteen different colors available for the outside vinyl of the cover.

    How Long Does it Take to Get a New Spa Cover?

    Each spa top is made to the specifications of the order. Our fabricator does not store completed spa covers in their warehouse. They are made to order and shipped by truck. You can expect your new spa top in three to four weeks.

    We are always here to help! If there is anything that you are confused about, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call! Spa Cover experts are here to help you at 800-983-7665!  

    Joe Silverstein
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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