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    Hiring Labor to Help Install an Inground Pool Kit

    March 24, 2015


    How many helpers are needed to build an inground pool?

    Each phase of pool construction can require more or less helpers to complete. Below are some numbers of workers that may be needed to construct on of our inground pool kits. Larger inground pool kits may require additional help, and having an extra set of hands can sure come in "handy", at times.

    • how-to-build-a-vinyl-inground-pool - images on this page are purch'd thru PMPlanning - 1
    • Excavation - 2
    • Wall assembly - 3
    • Concrete collar - 3
    • Plumbing & Electrical - 2
    • Floor and Liner - 3
    • backfill and start-up - 2
    • Inspections - 1

    How can you find inground pool kit helpers?

    There a number of places around town where you can find laborers, who will work for a reasonable rate. Sports teams, churches and civic groups can often rally volunteers to build your pool with payments to benefit their team or charitable causes.

    Neighbors, family and friends may know of a person between jobs or college students on break. Temp agencies are a good route to go, although you'll pay more per hour for their services, but their staff is insured and all taxes are paid.

    • Local job boardshelpers
    • Temp agencies
    • Neighbors
    • Family and friends
    • Local pool companies
    • Church or civic organization

    How much should you pay helpers?

    It's not easy work, building your own inground pool, there's some heavy lifting involved. Pay also depends on age and experience to some degree. Based on these factors, plus your local economy, pay rates of $12-$18 per hour could be expected, with a paid half-hour break every four hours, and an overtime rate of 1.5x regular pay for more than 40 hours per week. You may add a small bonus if they can work the entire project with you, and not just a few days.  

    Do you need worker’s comp insurance, or other insurance?

    construction_worker_confused_anim_150_wht_16394In most cases and states workman's compensation is not required for a homeowner hiring people for odd jobs or home improvements to their principal residence. Your local permit agency can give you more state specific information. In addition, it may be wise to check with your homeowner's policy insurance company about coverage for injury to hired hands while working on the premises. it is also recommended that you ask contractors such as electricians, to furnish a certificate of insurance or worker's comp coverage, before awarding the job.  

    Do you have to deduct taxes from what I pay the helpers?

    i_want_you_pc_400_wht_1725If you pay a household employee more than $1900 in a calendar year, you may be liable to withhold income tax and fica taxes, and make a matching 7.65% contribution to social security and medicaid taxes paid by the employee. In addition, homeowners that pay over $1000 to  employees in any calendar quarter may be liable for federal unemployment tax of 6% of wages paid. IRS Pub 926

    If you hire employees from a temp agency, taxes and insurance is usually collected and paid by the temp agency. You may be able to use individuals who volunteer to raise money for a local team, school, church or civic organization - and make an in-kind cash payment to the organization. You do not need to withhold taxes for individuals under the age of 18, or any child under the age of 21, a spouse or a parent that performs. IRS Pub 926

    Hiring a few employees for a week or two shouldn't be too hard to do, thousands of homeowners self-install their own inground pools each year, and close to 500 of them choose SPP as their inground pool kit project partner.

    Give us a call, and see why SPP is America's #1 choice for self-installed inground vinyl pool kits!

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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