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    Hiring Help for Your Inground Pool Project

    February 20, 2014


    Congratulations, you've decided to build your own inground pool, after choosing the location and shape and securing permits, you can start to really plan the project.

    There will come a time to sit down and plan how the pool is going to be built and who is going to do it. You're going to need several people at each stage of pool construction. How many people do you need so you do not have to do much physical work? Four laborers would be ideal for most pool sizes, if you want to complete the pool in a week. If you only have two laborers, the process could stretch into two weeks or longer.

    Where to Find Laborers to Help Build Your Pool

    1) Temp agencies:helpers to build your pool

    Every town has temp agencies that can supply the people you need. Make sure you check with several due to pay rate differences, and rates can be negotiated. You can also specify what kind of experience they should have in construction, specifically pool construction experience. Specify the skill level you would like to have.

    Lots of towns have a local office for Labor Ready nearby that can supply construction teams. They have at their fingertips a pool of people looking for work. Not only do they pay them at the end of the day they bring them to the job site. No contracts are needed just pay the rate agreed upon and how many laborers you need each day.

    2) Unemployment office:

    simpsons-unemployment-officeEvery area in the state typically has an unemployment office of people looking for work. Pick up the phone and call your local unemployment office and see what needs to be done in order to secure some help. You can also stop in and see what they require to utilize their resources, or visit their website. With the way the economy is there usually is an abundance of people available for work.

    You may want to ask for a few more people than what you need due to possible no-shows for the job after the first day. You do not want to be shorthanded for what needs to be done. Usually they will post the job on the employment board for you as well as posting it on their website. Plan ahead at least 2 to 3 weeks in order to make sure they get you the help you need.

    3) Craigslist:

    craig-newmarks-listThis is a great tool. Many people have utilized this list on line not only to secure laborers but also excavators, electricians, and people looking for extra fill dirt. Post your ad under Gigs > Labor  or Crew. You can find pool people looking for extra work on the side, or a ready to go crew of several people. There are always people looking for work on Craigslist.

    4) Day Laborers:

    You may know of a spot in your town where men gather in the morning looking for work. In some areas, many of these individuals have questionable citizenship, but are eager to work doing nearly anything, for $12-15 per hour, cash paid at the end of the day. Be prepared for a rush or clamor of people coming up to your vehicle. Just motion how many people you need, and they'll quickly jump into your car. Before leaving the area, negotiate a quick deal, telling them what you need done that day, how many hours of work you have, and how much per hour you will pay.

    5) Friends and Family:

    friends-familyMost everyone knows someone looking for work, whether it is a friend, neighbor or family member. This could be the best source - if they are fully available and willing to commit to the time frame needed to devote to this project. What's good about this, is they can enjoy the pool in the future too - if they do a good job!

    Many people know excavators, electricians plumbers, construction people or other tradesmen that would devote time to the pool project and provide great work. It's always better if you know someone because they tend to care more and give the kind of workmanship that you want on a pool construction project.

    5) Retirees & Students:

    Is someone in the family retired but wants to keep busy? Much of the heavy work can be done by younger workers, but there is still plenty of lightweight work that needs to be done, in addition to supervision and project management, they may be willing to oversee the whole project for you.

    Does a young person have spring break or summer vacation time on their hands? Many young people are happy to take on short term jobs, and treated as a real job, could be something they can add to their job history or resume.

    keyThe key is to line up your help early and let them know the timeline that they will be needed. Can they devote at least 8hrs a day to the project. Find this out early in the process, and you'll avoid costly delays in your pool project.

    Insurance Coverage

    If help is secured from the outside, such as an excavating firm, plumber or electrician, they typically have their own insurance. If you secure workers from temp agencies they cover their own people in the case of an accident.

    If you hire the workers yourself, and they got hurt on your property your homeowner's insurance should cover their expenses, but check your policy to be sure. In most cases you would not have to carry worker's comp insurance. You may want to increase your personal liability coverage, check with your insurance company to see if you need to add to your policy. If a laborer gets hurt and they work for another company then the coverage would fall under the agency they are employed by.

    How Many Man Hours?

    rosie-the-riveter - Clker.comOr Woman Hours - female workers can also build a pool! On an average size pool, I would figure on working 8hrs a day for 4 people and yourself for 5-7 days. This would come to an average of 240 hrs, plus another 10-20 hours planning and preparing for the pool project.

    Keep in mind this does not figure in any complications with the project. It could take longer based on weather conditions, job site terrain, labor issues, contractor delays, or could go more quickly if you plan the project well.

    Just another one of those topics we cover with our inground pool kit customers. SPP Pool Kits come with unlimited and free support for any planning or execution concerns you have regarding to building your own inground  pool. Give us a call today, and start planning your DIY inground pool project!  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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