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    High End Gifts for the Pool Owner

    December 9, 2013

    carrying_christmas_presents-Purchased thru PresenterMediaLast week, Chris Low gave us a list of 5 items that would make great holiday gifts for pool owners or pool users. These products ranged in price from $50 to $150, and there are many more gifts even less expensive, if you look in the pool toys or pool accessories areas of our website.

    Suppose that you were looking for a much more expensive gift - one to show gratitude, or if you also live in the house, a gift that you would also benefit from. Here's a list of 5 more - high end gifts for the pool owner, most starting at around $500.

    Most of these gifts require installation (DIY or Contracted) - and it may not be feasible to have it installed by Christmas, but there is still time to have an order placed, and for many of these gift ideas, to receive them in time for the holidays.


    SAFETY-POOL-COVERSSafety pool covers are primarily used for winterization, but I also use my safety cover during vacations. They are also great for off season pools in the sunny south.

    I know some people that use them all year long, as a strong Layer of Protection, keeping the pool safe for toddlers and small animals to be around. They can be removed in just a few minutes, and laid on the side of the pool for swimming, or rolled up and quickly stowed away for parties and events.

    Safety cover installation involves drilling holes in the deck and tamping in place small brass anchors to attach the cover straps. Safety Cover Prices start at $500.  


    g-force-pool-slide-360This slide will have the kids lining up around the block, not to mention the adults! When I installed my inground pool, I wish we would've installed one of these - but the great thing is, you can always install a pool slide later.

    You do need a good amount of deck space for such a large slide, or you can install a separate concrete pad to mount the ladder onto. Also, the slide has to exit into a water depth of 42", which is somewhere on the side length of the pool. A water source is also needed, either from a pool return or from the house water supply.

    This is a gift that the whole family can enjoy, and can definitely make your pool the most popular pool on the street! G-Force slide price is $3500.


    polaris-9300-robotic-pool-cleanerHere's another item that I use on my own pool, and I swear by it. Polaris is the leader in automatic pool cleaners, and although late to the game with robotic pool cleaners, they put a lot of engineering into this robotic cleaner. Plus, it looks really cool!

    The best part about this gift is that there's no installation required! Just drop it in the pool, plug it in and it starts doing it's thing. Cleans any pool in just an hour or two and even handles large debris like sticks and acorns.

    This is also something small enough to wrap up and place under the tree. A real conversation piece for the pool. Polaris 9300 price is $1300.


    SOLAR-POOL-HEATERS-AT-SPPIt seems like I'm just running down the list of stuff I have on my own pool, but a pool heater is such an important piece of equipment that I couldn't pass it up.

    A pool without a heater tends to get very little use, unless you build your own pool in the deep south. Solar Heaters work like a charm, even up here in New England. It gives me an extra month on each end, and keeps a warm temperature all summer long.

    A pool heat pump is another great way to extend the season and make swimming more comfortable. Solar pool heater prices depend on the amount of panels you install, starting at around $500.


    PENTAIR-INTELLIBRITE-COLOR-LED-POOL-LIGHTINGHere's another item that's on my list, one that I didn't get when I built my pool (gotta shave costs somewhere!). Colored LED pool lighting is ultra cool, and you can display the whole rainbow of colors, one at a time, or cycle through programmed light shows.

    Installation is easy. Just cut the cord behind the basic light, tape the new cord to the old, and pull the new cord through the conduit. Cut the cord at the junction box and (with power off!), wire nut the light cord to the power cord.

    LED lighting is not only cool to see, but also cool to the touch, the bulbs last 10x longer than incandescent, and consume almost 90% less electricity. Prices for LED pool lights start at $500.[divider]

    If your family doesn't already have a pool - here's an idea. Build your own inground pool! Imagine their faces when they unwrap a picture of a shimmering blue inground pool. This is the most high end gift idea I have for you, but a DIY inground pool can cut the price of installation nearly in half. From $40K down to a much more manageable $20K.

    For more information on how to build an inground pool, we have over 130 blog posts on the topic - or you can always call us here at SPP, to learn more, at 800-983-POOL. Pool Experts are standing by!  

    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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