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    Factors to Consider When Selecting an Aboveground Pool

    March 22, 2012

    aboveground pools are fun!

    Good for you, you’ve decided to buy an aboveground pool! Now that you have made the first step, there are a few important factors to take into consideration when selecting the aboveground pool that will provide you with years of fun. Below are a few suggestions on choosing the right aboveground pool for your family, backyard and budget. As always, please contact our Aboveground Pool Experts with any questions at 1-800-983-7665.

    Let's talk about the backyard.

    How much space do you have for an aboveground pool? You want to make sure the pool is not taking up every available inch. Is there anything permanent that would be in the way? That may determine what size aboveground pool you can get. In addition to how much space you have, consider exactly where you would want to put the pool. Is there room next to an existing outdoor deck or patio? Your family may appreciate being able to get in the pool right from the deck rather than having to go across the yard. And - for safety's sake, choose a location that is most visible from the house.

    Another important factor to consider here is where your power source will come from. Your pool will need electricity to power the filter system and other equipment you may have (like pool lighting, or pool heat pumps). It's recommended that you run a new, dedicated 110V electrical line, trenched underground to the area where your pool equipment will be located.

    Now that you have an idea of where you’d like to put the pool, go outside with some measuring and marking tools and measure the actual pool dimensions. Mark the area with paint, lime or stakes and string. This will give you a good view of what will fit best in your backyard.

    Let's talk about the budget.

    Now that you know the size of the pool that would be ideal in your backyard, you can more easily compare different pools. Specialty Pool Products offers a great mix of aboveground pools, so you are sure to find one within your budget. Aboveground pools are usually sold by themselves, and not much else. When comparing aboveground pool models, pay attention to what's included. Our pools come with a Skimmer, and 2 of our new models (the Bay pools) also come with a liner at no additional charge.

    In addition to a skimmer and a liner, aboveground pool owners will also want other equipment, supplies and accessories for their aboveground pools.

    Must  Haves:

    • Pump/Filter system of adequate size
    • Swimming pool chemicals, test kit
    • Pool ladder or steps
    • Pool cleaning tools

    Nice to Haves:

    • Automatic pool cleaner
    • Chlorinator or Salt system
    • Solar blanket and reel
    • Pool lighting
    • Pool heater
    • Pool deck
    • Nature2

    Getting back to the Budget... let me give you some price ranges that can help you narrow down a target. A permanent, real aboveground pool can be fully operational (with all of the "Must Haves"), for as little as $1500, for one of our 18' round Bay pools. On the other end of the spectrum are the Aquarian 500 pools, built with materials and features that command a price of $2500 (18' round pool). And there are many prices in between. Larger pools will be proportionally more costly, but even if you buy the largest and best aboveground pool we sell, the 18x33 Aquarian 500, you'll only spend about $5000, for this top of the line pool.

    Visit our website to view our selection of above ground pools. While you are there, check out our exclusive promotions for pool purchasers. With great deals on pool accessories, we make it easier than ever to get everything you need in one place.

    Let's talk about Pool Safety:

    Before ordering your pool, check with your town hall, or local government website to see if you need a permit for an aboveground pool. And secondly, ask if there are any specific requirements for installing an aboveground pool. Some towns have specifications regarding size, location, fencing, or ladders. Finding this information in advance will save you from  surprises, and allow you to more accurately budget for your aboveground pool. In addition to what's required by law, consider the other pool safety measures you can implement, to build layers of protection around your new pool.

    Now that you have considered all the important factors, it’s time to select your aboveground pool! And we have just the tool to do it, check out our Aboveground Pool Builder, brand new for 2012. It will walk you through selecting the pool, liner, and equipment packages. And as I mentioned before, take a look at our exclusive promotions, available for a limited time, when you buy an SPP aboveground pool!

    Enjoy your swim season!  

    Dorothy Ruggiero
    SPP Pool Enthusiast

    Blog Author
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