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    Enjoy Your Pool More! Pool Fun Tips

    July 1, 2013


    Increase your level of pool fun this summer, that's what you built the pool for in the first place! Make a resolution this summer to get more out of your pool. Schedule time for enjoying your pool, and share the wealth - invite your friends, neighbors and social groups over to enjoy your pool too!


    beach-balls are funSplashing in the pool can provide entertainment for all ages. Organized pool games and activities add more excitement to the swimming pool. You do not necessarily need special water game equipment, you probably already own most of them.

    If planning a pool game, try to make the games not overly competitive. The more competitive it is , the more likely aggressive play will happen, and accidents, big or small, can occur.

    Some popular pool games are Marco Polo, Tag, or Toss (toss items in the pool, he/she who retrieves the most items wins) Tube (a player sits on the water tube, and the other players try to overturn them off the tube/float without touching the person, only the tube/float. The player that stays the longest on the tube/float wins).

    Or a simple game of Catch, with a Frisbee or soft ball. As long as pool games are safe and do not require a lot of jumping in and out of the pool, any pool game can be fun and provide exercise for any age.

    Here's a list of classic pool games that you can play with small or large groups of kids or adults.


    The whole family can enjoy the pool with a rousing game of volley ball. No other pool game is popular with all ages - we like to play our pool volleyball game with a beach ball, sometimes a small beach ball, or with more people, it's a lot of fun to use the 46" Giant Beachball. cross-pool-volleyball-game

    The Cross Pool Volleyball game has a nice price, if you need a pool volleyball game for your pool, either for inground or aboveground pools.

    It's the one we use at my house, and it's held up for ... 10 years now? Very durable volleyball set, we have had hours of fun and laughs in the pool, and have really enjoyed it.

    Just being together is the best benefit of pool ownership. While the whole family is in the pool, take this time to discuss each others lives. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy catching up with everyone. Having a backyard pool can really bring family closer together, in an activity that doesn't include a TV or PC.


    Exercising in your own swimming pool is a great way to see quick gains to your fitness, and have more fun. The problem with swimming laps is having to stop your rhythm and turn around when you reach the end of the pool.badu jet

    You can use an aquatic swim jet system and swim against the adjustable water current. Easy to install and great for small pools, it allows you to swim in place, without ever needing to turn around. Please contact us for more information on the Badu Jet Swim System.

    Besides swimming laps, you can also turn your pool into an aquatic workout center for all types of aerobic exercise. There are many low impact “water workouts” that are enjoyable and easy to learn. You just need a few pool noodles, or you can use the AquaJogger pool fitness gear.

    Water aerobics or water yoga is easy to do in the buoyancy of the water, and can help you stay physically fit or help one recover from accidents or surgery, as a form of hydro therapy. Pool fitness can also be social, it's more fun when you have a partner or small group to work out with.


    Aside from fitness, fun and games, your pool is a natural entertainment center. Entertaining in and around your swimming pool can be very relaxing and enjoyable. Your own inground pool is the perfect place for a backyard barbeque with family and friends. A pool owner can get a lot of enjoyment of watching their guests have fun and laughter in the pool, even if he/she is sitting dry on the pool deck.

    Pool parties are great for kids or adults. If it's a very hot day, set up some box fans to blow cool air over the shaded seating areas. Fans are also useful to keep flies away from the food table. Add some cool drinks and cool music and you're all set.

    If your party goes into the evening, Tiki torches. If the pool party is not necessarily for swimming, adding a floating pool fountain or floating pool candles are a great way to add some ambiance to the evening.

    vigilant-eye-on-the-poolRemember that during parties, the pool should be constantly monitored, to keep all of your guests safe. If the party moves indoors at any point, maintain a vigilant watch on the pool, in case small children are able to slip outside. For parties with many swimming children, designate an adult lifeguard to watch the pool, so you can spend your time hosting, and then keep an eye on your lifeguard.

    Enjoy the Summer!  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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