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    DIY Inground Pool Kits: Significant Savings, Beautiful Results

    April 23, 2012

    Have you been dreaming about putting an inground swimming pool in your backyard? After speaking with local installers you probably got very discouraged and thought to yourself,  "there is no way I can afford to have an inground swimming pool installed". Hiring others to build your pool can be expensive, but you can install your own inground pool at half the cost of hiring it out - just roll up your sleeves!

    Now maybe you are thinking ... "there is no way I can install my own inground pool" - don’t worry, most of our customers think the same thing, but we hear later from many who say it was not as difficult as they originally thought. During the installation process our team is there for you - from the beginning of the project through completion. And beyond - we find that most of our inground pool customers stay with us through the years, for our expertise and low prices on thousands of pool supply items.

    This blog post will help sort out the costs of building an inground pool. Compare the Costs of having a local builder provide a turnkey pool, versus acting as the General Contractor, and building your own inground pool. Our DIY inground pool kits can be installed turnkey for less than $13,000. Local builders are easily double that cost!

    Choose Size & Shape Pool:

    So that you can compare apples to apples, the first thing to decide is the shape and size of pool. Our inground pool kits are available in many different shapes and sizes.  We offer both steel walls and also polymer walled pools. They are both durable and strong; we did a blog post a few weeks back devoted to Steel vs. Polymer walls.

    Unless you have a very large yard, you may need to consider setbacks, easements, septic fields to help you determine the shape and size of pool that you should buy. A local pool builder, visiting your home for a comparison quote can give you some idea of these things, or you can find out on your own. We wrote a recent blog post about these considerations, and all about pool permits for an inground pool.

    Compare Materials Cost:

    Once you have determined the shape and size pool you are looking for, spend a few moments deciding what other equipment you need. We have 2 complete inground pool kits to choose from - our Deluxe kit and our Deluxe Plus kit. The Deluxe Plus kit contains all of the Deluxe kit items, plus an upgraded liner and pool cleaner and a salt chlorine generator. Custom pool kits? No problem, we can quickly custom design a pool kit package to include any specialty pool products you can dream up!

    To make it easier for you to price compare, our pool kits have everything you need to install and maintain your pool. Even chemicals are included! The only supplies that are not included in our pool kits - to completely build your own inground pool, is concrete and water! Compare our List of pool kit components with theirs. We even include plumbing, wall foam, dual main drains and underwater lighting.

    After you choose the pool shape and size we will be able to tell you the price of the complete pool kit, Deluxe or Deluxe Plus. We can easily add-in other pool equipment such as a diving board or slide, pool heater, safety cover. How about adding a spa or water features into your pool kit design?

    When you're ready, call our inground pool kit experts at 1-855-863-4301. Our quoting software makes changes easy, and all of our experts can answer any questions you have about building your own inground pool.

    For the sake of comparisons ~ let's assume a 16’x32’ rectangular size pool, our most popular pool kit. Currently priced at $5850, with the Deluxe Pool Kit complete package. Other sample pricing can be found here for common pool sizes.

    Compare Labor Costs:

    In order to figure out the complete cost so you can compare the price to your local pool contractor you need to know the other expenses that are involved in building your own inground pool. Generally, our customers act as the General Contractor, hiring "subs" to do the excavation, concrete delivery and electrical work. The "General" manages these jobs as well as the remaining tasks of assembling the pool, plumbing to and from the pool, pool floor work and liner installation. Remember we provide full instructions and as much support as you need - every step of the way.

    The first main sub-contractor expense would be the excavation - whether you do it yourself and rent the equipment or hire someone.  The average cost for excavation (digging the pool hole) and back filling (putting the dirt back after the pool is erected) should be under $1500, in most parts of the country.

    Another expense you need to factor in is the concrete collar that gets poured around the outside of the wall panels 8-10 inches deep and 2 ½ feet wide. The average cost for the concrete delivery, for our example 16x32 pool - should be about $700. On the floor of the pool you also need to put in 2” of finishing material such as vermiculite, sand mix or a sand bottom. If you choose a vermiculite floor;  it's a tad more expensive than sand or the sand/cement mix, but easier to work with - your estimated expense for the pool floor materials would be $1200.

    The cost of the concrete pool deck, which we usually recommend be added later, after the fill dirt has settled, can vary according to size. Hiring a contractor to come in and pour a concrete deck all around your pool could cost in the neighborhood of $2500, depending on pool size. I like wood decks around a pool and they can usually be done cheaper than concrete. Raised stone walls or flagstone decks can be added around our pool kits for an elegant finished look.

    Some of our customers actually build their own pool decks; of wood, concrete or stone. A 3ft deck around a 16x32 pool should require about 4 yds of concrete, which you should be able to have delivered for under $500. Add form wood, gravel and steel mesh or rebar, and it's about $1000 for the pool deck materials. However, if you're not very familiar with pouring and finishing concrete decks, it may be wise to leave this step - to the professionals who do it everyday.

    Finally the last added expense you need to consider is an electrician because the pool wall and all metal equipment have to be grounded, and in certain states bonded. You will also want to have an electrical sub-panel installed in the location of the pump and filter. This new breaker box will power the pump and the pool light, plus have a GFCI electrical outlet. Installing an outdoor pool pump time clock is a good idea, to reduce your pump run time. Now I know that everyone has a brother in-law that's an electrical engineer, but this is another subcontractor expense that should be left to the professionals. Find a good local electrician, and the fees for what I've described above should be no more than $700, if the sub-panel is not too far from the main house breaker box.

    Of course, there is the labor of the General Contractor, that's you. You do have to consider your time, it will take at least a week to put all of these steps together. We do also offer our Rent A Randy Program if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. Randy and team will come to your town for 5 days and act as your General Contractor, assisting you to get these steps done. Now taking reservations for upcoming installation weeks. See what Randy charges and what's included here.

    The total price for our example pool, a 16’x32’ Rectangle Deluxe kit - with all expenses (except pool deck) would cost $9,950.00.  You can take this price and add on whatever additional items you care to dream up, and our pool experts will be happy to help you nail down a cost to show you the significant savings of building your own inground pool.

    We've happily saved millions of dollars for our customers! Call us today and let us show you how to build your own inground pool for as much as half of what your local pool installers may charge. 855-863-4301  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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