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    DIY Inground Pool Kits - Build your own Backyard Paradise!

    April 9, 2012

    DIY inground pool kits

    At Specialty Pool Products, we have been helping homeowners with do it yourself inground pools since 1994.  We have hundreds of homeowners build their pool with us each season. Anyone can install their own inground steel or polymer pool kit. If you are a homeowner that does household projects or even if you have no mechanical experience at all - we have a way for you to get your inground swimming pool installed.

    We have never sold a pool kit that has not been installed - and you, being the homeowner are going to a better job than any local pool installer. When  installing your own pool - you tend to pay very close attention to the measurements and other details of installation. The local pool installer may not be as precise; hurrying to move on to the next job. There is a short season in the swimming pool business, and local installers try to install as many pools as they can to make their profits for the season.

    Our in ground pool kits are available in many different shapes and sizes. If you don’t see the shape or size pool you are looking for give us a call (800) 983-7665. Any shape or size is available - we just need a sketch with the details you would like to see in your backyard paradise.

    Once you determine the shape and size of the pool we have 2 different kits that are available; our Deluxe and our Deluxe Plus pool kit. Our most popular in ground pool kit  is the Deluxe Plus kit, which includes a salt chlorine system and a robotic pool cleaner. Both pool kits have everything you need to install, start and maintain your pool. The only thing you'll need to add on your end is concrete and water!

    deluxe pool kits for inground pools

    These DIY pool kits we have available are really just a starting point; we can add or subtract any items from either package.  We like to say we are like Burger King “we do it your way”.  Both kits can be customized for your needs, or we can create your own kit. Want a different liner pattern? No problem. Larger filter? Done. Winterization supplies? You got it. We are happy to design your own personal pool kit to match any need or desire. Our in-house software program makes substitutions easy and quick to create.

    We have many additional options you can add to your inground steel or polymer pool kit. One of our most popular upgrade for our pool kits is a salt water chlorine generator. This will make your water soft and silky and more enjoyable to swim in. When using a pool salt system, you will never have anyone complain about burning eyes or skin discomfort. Some other popular options available include a diving board, slide, gas heater, electric heat pump, LED lighting, robotic pool cleaners, and safety pool covers. Take a look at some of the additional items that can be added to your personalized inground pool kit.

    We also have a variety of other products that are not shown our website but are available and would beadd a spa to your inground pool kit! nice items to be added to your pool package. One such item would be an automated control system from Pentair or Jandy. This allows you to control everything on your pool digital controls, from inside the house, or even from your smartphone. Some of our customers add water features such as deck jets or waterfalls to their pool kit. How about a spa? A drop-in spa can be incorporated into your backyard paradise, just say the word.

    Our prices are very competitive, maybe not the lowest on the 'net, but definitely a lot less expensive than any local pool dealer or installer. Remember, price is not the most important factor to consider when deciding on who to purchase your pool kit from. Call some of our competitors and ask them some technical questions - to see if they know the answers. For example, ask them what to do if you are digging and hit ground water?

    Also, with our pools if something is damaged or missing - we take care of it for you.  We don't tell you to call the manufacturer like our competitors do. When you are building the pool who wants to wait a week or two to get missing or damaged items so you can continue with building the pool?  Specialty Pool Products will take care of it for you immediately and have it to you in a day or two, because we stock what we sell.

    During the installation process we are here from start to finish and you can call with any questions you might have during the installation process.  Whether we talk to you once or a hundred times - it does not matter, we are here to help you. We can talk you through any obstacle you might have - there is nothing that we have not seen.  Specialty Pool Products was the first company on the internet selling do it yourself inground pool kits. I like to say we are not in the backyard holding the shovel - but we are just a phone call away!

    If you have any questions regarding other expenses for your inground pool project such as how much and what type of concrete is needed for the collar; or how much material is needed for bottom of pool and what that would cost - give us a call at 1-800-983-POOL. We're here to help...  

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert

    Blog Author
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