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    DIY Inground Pool Construction: 1 Week of Work

    May 16, 2013


    Build an inground pool in a week? Is that really possible? Yes, from staking out the pool shape to filling it with water, is about 5 days of labor. Smaller pools, or projects with many helpers can be built even faster. Larry's pool was built in just 4 days - and we've got the pictures to prove it!

    Of course, Larry was working with Randy, our professional "pool expediter", his son Nate, and 2 solid helpers. Larry stayed behind the camera, and for once, let others build the swimming pool.

    A solid team of 4 full time workers, going 10 hours per day, is required to pull off this type of "Fast-Track" inground pool installation. Two people can build an inground pool kit, it just takes longer.

    DAY 1: Randy got in at sunrise and began staking out the pool. The excavator showed up and by noon, he had the hole dug. After a small amount of hand shaping, the walls were put in place and assembled. The step section was installed, and the day was completed by staging materials and supplies for the next few days.


    DAY 2: The walls were completed early, and a transit level was used to make small adjustments to the height of the walls. Floor areas were tamped and then the floor material was mixed and applied to the pool floor. The concrete truck arrived on-time to pour the concrete footer around the base of the walls. He had just enough left to pour the pool equipment pad.


    DAY 3: Plumbing the pool was done during the early part of the day. The electrician showed up to wire the pool light and the pool equipment panel. He also ran the bonding wire from the pool to the equipment. Foamed the walls, swept the pool floor, and by 4pm, the crew was ready to install the pool liner.


    DAY 4: The next morning, the pool liner is set with a vacuum and the pool is filled, from a truck. Filling the pool from hoses is also possible, but this pool is on the Fast-Track! Finished the pool plumbing, connecting the pump, filter and heater. The pool filter system was started up to ensure no leaks, and the excavator company returned to backfill the plumbing trench and the space up against the pool walls, known as the overdig. Notice the big pile of dirt in the back of the final image. Larry had to get rid of 5 truck loads of dirt, but found local places that he could dump the fill, without a fee.


    1 week of work - it is possible to build your own DIY inground pool, and only take 1 week off from work. However; I have to mention that a lot of planning and preparation go into making everything come together, in the right order. It was necessary to plan and arrange every step; so the people, equipment and materials are available, at the right time.

    See our inground pool construction checklist for detail on these steps, and as always, if you're ready to start planning your own DIY inground pool, give us a call anytime!

    Chris Low
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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