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    Pool Blog - Pool Closing
    All about pool winterization and how to close your pool for winter. Tips for inground and above ground pool winterizing that you can do yourself, plus ways to care for the pool during winter for both winterized and unwinterized pools.

    Emergency Pool Winterization

    Emergency Pool Winterization - 6 steps to winterize any pool. If you need to do it fast - Read this! How to close the pool quickly, in just a few hours.Read Blog

    Winter Pool Cover Repairs

    He was so aggravated at the 'hole' situation. A simple repair before the closing the pool, would have saved all this crime and punishment.Read Blog

    5 Step Inground Pool Winterization

    It's the second step (removing the water from the pipes and the equipment), that's the most confusing for most people. It may help to visualize your poolRead Blog

    Inground Pool Winterization in 6 Steps

    Winterize your own pool! This year will be my 20th pool winterization. I've saved thousands of dollars, for under 50 hours of my time. Close your pool in 6 steps!Read Blog

    Safety Pool Cover Replacements

    Solid or mesh safety pool cover replacement with new doesn't have to be hard. 3 ways to have a duplicate safety cover to match up to your existing anchors.Read Blog

    4-Step Winterized Pool Inspection

    What to do with snow on the pool cover? As a previous blog post of mine states, the best thing to do is usually no-thing. With these caveats...Read Blog

    Replacing a Pool Cover During Winter

    It's always better to replace a pool cover before you need to because when it goes - it's likely to go right in the middle of winter, dumping loads of cover sludge...Read Blog

    Most Popular Winter Pool Chemicals

    Most popular (sold) items for pool winterizing. What do you need to close the pool for winter? Pool closing supplies.Read Blog

    How to Winterize a Vinyl Liner Pool

    How to close a vinyl pool. Basically the same as gunite pools, but there are some special considerations to winterize a vinyl pool, to protect your pool.Read Blog

    Safety Pool Covers - Worth Every Penny

    I know that they are expensive. $850 for my rectangle pool. Even if you have to spend 3 times more than me, for a custom cover - it's worth every penny; here's why.Read Blog

    Inground Pool Enclosure Options

    If you've ever thought of enclosing your pool for the winter, and enjoying your pool year around, read on. There's really 3 ways to enclose an inground pool, so I'm calling this Pool Enclosures: Good, Better and Best...Read Blog

    Above Ground Pool Closing in 5 Easy Steps

    No one likes closing the pool. It means summer is over! If you close the pool correctly, opening an above ground pool is just balancing the water and shocking the pool.Read Blog

    The Complete Guide to Pool Closing Chemicals

    do not skimp on pool closing chemicals - it's a "pay me now, or pay me later" kind of thing. Close it right, and you'll have a much easier, faster and cheaper pool opening!Read Blog

    The Complete Guide to Inground Pool Winterization

    we have a great first season with the pool, and now I'm wondering if I can pick your brain one more time..." To which I respond, "Closing the pool? Sure, you have a pen and paper ready?"Read Blog

    Winterize Your Own Inground Pool - Save $7000

    Over a 10 yr period you have saved your self $3500! Open your own pool each spring, and you'll save another $3500 - saving you $7000 in ten years!Read Blog

    More Blog

    Pool Closing Tips and Tricks from the SPP Pool Experts. We've winterized thousands of pools, and we share with you our methods to help your winterize your own pool. Articles also cover winter pool covers and enclosures, what to do with snow, and how to maintain winter water balance and prevent stains.

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