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    Candidate Promises a Pool in Every Backyard

    March 31, 2014


    In the 1928 Presidential election, Herbert Hoover promised a Chicken in Every Pot. This was just prior to the crash of the stock market in 1929, an although the tail end of the 'roaring twenties', the young nation's prosperity was still not reaching all Americans - many were going hungry, and food shortages were common. A Chicken in Every Pot was an ideal campaign slogan for the times. chicken-in-every-pot-3

    Fast forward 85 years, and the times - they are a-changin'. With the most recent recession behind us,  a stable housing market, and a chicken already in every pot in the voting district, what could a creative young candidate offer his constituency?

    In the neighborhoods of Piscinita, Texas - a swimming pool is a luxury for many voters, who must watch their friends and neighbors enjoy the cooling waters of their backyard swimming pools, while they swelter in the south Texas sun. Although hotel and resort pools are common, public pools are few in numbers, and the cooling waters of lakes and rivers are concentrated south of the city, many in Mexico.

    The candidate for Mayor, has promised to even out aquatic opportunities for the residents of his district. Jackstone Pelter, mayoral candidate for Piscinita, has stated on numerous occasions that the "right for a refreshing afternoon swim should not be reserved for the privileged".DIY inground pool kits

    When pressed for details of the plan, Mr. Pelter says that residents will have the opportunity to choose from an aboveground pool, or an inground pool. Installation will be provided by the homeowner, which is why SPP DIY pool kits are the perfect campaign promise. A proper pool fence and all future maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner - and, you must be a homeowner (and a registered voter) to qualify.

    SPP has thrown it's hat into the ring - to be the official provider of aboveground and inground pools for the residents of Piscinita. We are prepared to supply 1 million swimming pools for this noble project (paid for by municipal bond). We have already designed inground pool kits and aboveground pool packages specifically for the project, and are making arrangements for  the materials to be assembled within the candidate's district - creating jobs among the constituency, and ensuring fast shipment of pools - to anyone who wants one!

    Voting takes place on May 5. SPP endorses JS Pelter for Mayor of Piscinita, and encourages all voters to exercise their right to exercise - in their own backyard! SPP pool kits are the finest quality swimming pools that you can buy, or get for free!

    Candidate Pelter's campaign slogan of "A Pool in Every Backyard" has energized the voters among his district, and is said to have popular support among both conservative and liberal voters.

    We wish him luck ~ and wish you a very happy April Fool's Day!


    Matt Spencer
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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