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    Build an Inground Pool in 5 Days with Rent-a-Randy

    June 3, 2014


    One of the most common asked questions of our customers is how long it does really take to build an inground pool myself? My answer to them is that it depends on how many people you have building the pool with you and how much time you plan on devoting to the pool project. I have some customers that take a week off from work and build the pool like a normal work shift; start at 8am and finish at 6pm - those customers can normally build the pool in 5-7 days. The other extreme is when  the customer works on it a few hours in the evening when they get home and also a little on the weekends - doing it that way can take a month, or two.

    Why Use Rent-A-Randy?

    Building an in ground pool can be very stressful so in order to better manage your time, use our Rent A Randy installation program. When you hire Randy he will arrive at your home with a helper, and help you install your inground swimming pool. Randy will typically be at your home for 4-5 days, depending on how long it takes to complete the pool installation. When Randy leaves your fair city, you have water in the pool and are ready to swim.

    It might cost a little more to do it this way but you know the job will be completed within a week ~ not a month like it takes some customers to complete the pool installation.  By taking off just 1 week of work and being there to assist Randy (he does need 2-3 people provided by you), the job is complete and you can quickly enjoy your new backyard paradise. You will still save half of what it costs to have the pool installed by a local contractor.

    Randy Wilcox - our professional pool installer
    Randy Wilcox

    Randy is a perfectionist - he helped me install my inground pool (10 years ago) and in my opinion there is not a better installer out there. I talked to a customer last week who told me he saved himself $12,000 compared to a local installer, using our Rent A Randy program and he could not have been happier with the finished product. Time is money ~ and in just 4-5 days your pool can be built with our Rent A Randy program. Why tie yourself up on the weekends and evenings; if you can afford the extra expense for Randy he is well worth the five grand.

    Planning for Randy's Arrival

    It doesn't just all happen by magic, you are still the General Contractor with a lot of responsibility for the project. The first thing you will need is to obtain a residential building permit. Visit your town hall and talk to your local building inspector and fill out all of the necessary paperwork to receive your building permit. Secondly, you'll need to order your pool kit, with the help of the SPP Pool Experts. Your pool kit will be shipped directly to your house, typically in 2 shipments; the pool liner and coping in one and another shipment of all of the accessories for the pool kit. The trucking company will call you to arrange delivery when it is convenient for your schedule; you do need to be home to assist the driver and to inspect the delivery to make sure there is no damage.

    Once the pool has arrived, call Randy to begin making plans. First, he wants to make sure the pool kit is complete, so there are no delays when he arrives at your home to install your pool.  The next task for you is to contact and contract with a few local contractors. Before Randy arrives at your home he does give you a detailed list of supplies, tools and equipment he needs on site to get your inground pool built.

    Randy is there to oversee the excavation to make sure the pool is dug correctly. Once the panels are installed you will have a local concrete company deliver concrete so you can pour it around the outside of the pool panels 8”-10” deep and 2 ½ feet wide.  I will explain below in detail what Randy and his team does but some of the other contractors you will need to hire and schedule in advance would be an electrician to do all of the necessary wiring for the pool and equipment, and someone (if not yourself) to erect the pool fence and pour your pool decking.

    During the building process you will need to have inspections most likely a structural and electrical inspection Randy will tell you the day he needs the inspector to arrive at your home. He will also help you order the floor material or pool base, and advise you on how much concrete and gravel to order, and when to have it delivered. Randy does not get involved in any of the backfilling of the pool, finished patio or fence but when he leaves you have water in the pool and you are ready to swim.

    Inground Pool Construction Timeline

    day-1-rent-a-randyRandy will layout the swimming pool area of where the pool is going to be located (string out the area), and Oversees the excavation process of the pool.

    day-2-rent-a-randyRandy (and helpers) will assemble the swimming pool, stairs, pool light and pool coping and check to make sure the pool is level and square.Randy will supervise pouring of the concrete collar around the pool walls, and the structural inspection from the county/city.

    day-3-rent-a-randyRandy (and helpers) will install the pool base or sand with cement mixture and start the plumbing for your pool. Randy will supervise your electrician for wiring, grounding and bonding, according to your local electrical code.

    day-4-rent-a-randyRandy (and helpers) will install the pool liner and finish up the plumbing of the pump and filter equipment. Randy (and helpers) will finish the liner installation, fill the pool and start up the equipment.

    day-5-rent-a-randyThis is an additional day allowed for possible carryover due to weather or any unforeseen circumstance that might arise during the installation process.

    Randy is a very busy person and his schedule fills up quickly so I would recommend contacting him via email or we can provide you with his telephone number. In order to reserve an installation date you need to mail Randy a deposit of $500 - $1000, with the balance due upon completion. Scheduling for the installation is done on a first come - first served basis, typically from March to December.

    spp-pool-installation-assistance-programThe Rent A Randy installation assistance program is an exclusive program only offered to Specialty Pool Products customers and this program has been available to our customers since we first started selling online pool kits - in 1994.  The way this program works is that you purchase your inground pool from Specialty Pool Products and Randy will assist you in building your inground pool. Many people ask Randy if he we will assist with a pool purchased elsewhere, don’t waste your breath - Randy only builds pools that are purchased from Specialty Pool Products.

    The current Rent A Randy 2014 rate is $5000 for customers east of the Mississippi for pools 18’x36’ and smaller and 20’x40’ or larger $5500. For those customers that live west of the Mississippi River; pools up to 18’x36’ are $6000 and 20’x40’ or larger pools $6500. If you are building a True L shape or Lagoon pool, contact randy for the current installation cost.

    We even have general contractors that are certainly qualified to build their own inground pool, hire on Randy for their own pool. Once they see how the pool is built by watching Randy, some of these contractors start building pools themselves for extra income. As mentioned earlier you can still Save Tens of Thousands compared to a local contractor but still have the same quality pool you have been dreaming about. The money you saved by using Randy instead of a local contractor can be used for landscaping and a larger patio around the pool.

    Randy has helped build nearly 1000 inground pools for our customers in the last 20 years. I highly recommend this program to all DIY pool builders, if you can afford the extra expense it is well worth it - you will not be disappointed.  

    Chris Low

    SPP Pool Expert   Related Posts: SPP's Inground Pool Kit Installation Assistance Program Rent-a-Randy: How to Build an Inground Pool for Under 13K Interview with our Inground Pool Kit Expert  

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