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    Benefits of Being a Swimming Pool Owner

    April 14, 2014


    Just imagine your own backyard oasis. Why go on vacation when you can have your own vacation in the comfort of your home. Close your eyes, lay back  on your favorite float, enjoying your favorite beverage in your own dream pool. The sweet smell of the barbecue cooking slowly in your outdoor kitchen. The flickering light dancing from your fire pit. Does it get any better than this? Why spend thousands of dollars on a vacation when you can have it all. But wait, there's more - it doesn’t end there...

    The Benefits of Pool Ownership

    BENEFITS-OF-POOL-OWNERSHIP---FUNThe countless hours of fun and joy that a family pool can bring is endless. As I think back on my own experience of bringing my family up with a pool. The pool parties with your friends, the cookouts, the great conversation while relaxing on my float, beverage in hand on a hot sultry night anchored by the step as my friends gathered around, sitting on the step with jets massaging their feet. Good times. The games we played with fierce competition such as pool football, volleyball or a great game of water basketball. And then relaxing by the pool, exhausted. Memories that will never be forgotten.

    BENEFITS-OF-POOL-OWNERSHIP-FAMILYNothing brings a family together like having your own pool. Our pool definitely brought us closer together. One day a week was devoted to family night. We ate, played water games,  swam and ended up sitting around the firepit with great family openness and close communication. It brought us all closer together and instilled great family values which carried us into the real world and taught us what was important in life.

    BENEFITS-OF-POOL-OWNERSHIP---FITNESSSwimming is one of the best ways to exercise. Whether its swimming laps, treading water or just kicking your legs in place - swimming is proven to be one of the best forms of exercise. The pool is also a great place for therapy and muscle strength building for recuperative exercises to get you back where you need to be. What's better than being able to perform your own fitness program at home, at any time of day or night?

    BENEFITS-OF-POOL-OWNERSHIP---FULFILLMENTSince the early 90's we at SPP have been selling inground pool kits all over the country to homeowners just like yourself. We help over 500 homeowners per year install inground pools, and 99% of them install it themselves. Think of all the projects you have done over the years and the pride you got out of doing it yourself.

    Imagine designing a backyard oasis from layout to landscaping - and building it all yourself!

    success-kid-builds-poolThousands and thousands of people have done this from all walks of life and all professions. All the hard work and effort put into each phase of the building process and countless labor hours and sweat it took to get to the next phase of development the feeling was all the same. Excitement, satisfaction and a deep sense of pride and accomplishment from the finished project that yes, you did it yourself and it came out beautiful. Please read my blog that shows a small sampling of some people that built their own pool and the feeling it gave them upon completion. A smile from ear to ear.

    Think about the gatherings of your friends and children after school, knowing where they are - enjoying hours of fun and games in the pool. The countless birthday pool parties that you could have in the comforts of you own backyard. A neighborhood pool party. The possibilities are endless.

    In looking back I would not have changed a thing. As you can see there are so many reasons if you have the space in your backyard why not make your home your haven. Whether the pool is used for entertainment, relaxation after a hard days work, exercise or bringing the family closer together - the positives to pool ownership are endless.

    Now to leave you with this vision. Imagine a beautiful inground pool in your backyard, landscaped and decked-out. Do like thousands of other homeowners have done and consult us at SPP on how to DIY an inground pool kit. Now not only will you save thousands on your pool project by doing it yourself but also thousands of dollars on vacations each year.

    I can tell you that the years and years of fun and family that you have by owning your own pool will be cherished by all. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your backyard oasis today!  

    Bob Arnold
    SPP Pool Expert  

    Blog Author
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