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    The Hidden Benefits of Automatic Pool Chlorinators

    December 8, 2016

    automatic pool chlorinators

    Many pool owners wonder if an in-line or off-line chlorinator is right for their swimming pool, and if the benefits are worth the added costs or not. At SPP, our answer is a resounding, “YES!” It is certainly worth the minor investment in an automatic chlorinator. Here are some reasons why you should use a chlorinator or feeder:

    Regardless if you opt to install an in-line chlorinator directly into your pool’s plumbing or you decide to employ an off-line chlorinator that you do not need to cut your plumbing to install, the advantages to using either are the same, and the hidden benefits to pool chlorinators.

    pool chlorinator diagram


    If you own a swimming pool, then it is guaranteed that your hands at one point have smelled like chlorine. Odds are, it’s almost a weekly occurrence. The smell of chlorine on your hands, besides simply being an unpleasant (to most) odor clinging to your skin, it isn’t the best thing for your skin and general health to handle pool chemicals with the consistency that regular pool maintenance demands. This is one of the biggest advantages of owning an automatic chlorinator. Depending on the size of your pool and the levels you set the feeder to chlorinate, you can decrease the frequency of opening that big smelly bucket, and breathing and touching chlorine, because you can stock it up with a 2-3 week supply. This alone makes owning an automatic chlorinator worth it. BUT WAIT! There’s more…


    Hopefully, you are not using chlorine tablets in the skimmer basket and are aware that this can cause big problems. If your pump is off for many hours each day, tablets in a pump basket continue to dissolve and fill the skimmer with a very strong and harsh chlorine solution that can damage skimmers, pipes, filters and heaters. Some of you already know this and there are those who may say, “Why spend $100 on an automatic chemical feeder when my $20 chlorine floater does the same job?!?”

    shark pool floaterI like floaters during winter, but the problem with floaters is that they can tip over, or come to rest on a step or ladder, or drop bits of tablets to the floor which can stain the pool. Plus, they don't allow as much control of the dissolve rate, the dial control feature of automatic chlorinators are much more precise than the slots at the base of a floater, which allow you to easily over/under chlorinate. So you not only save money by extending the life of your equipment and pool surfaces, you save money with better control over how much chlorine you use in your pool. It’s a win-win.


    Perhaps, you are saying to yourself, “Well, an automatic chlorinator is just one more piece of equipment I have to worry about. I can just buy another twenty dollar floater every few seasons.” The truth is automatic chlorinators are actually pretty simple devices that do not have any electronic or complex mechanical parts. They are very low maintenance pool products, just keep the lid o-ring lubed, and for chlorinators installed off-line, replace your hoses and fittings every few years.

    Anytime you can decrease the frequency you handle pool chemicals, the investment is worth it alone. Couple that with increasing the lifespan of other more expensive pool equipment, and you have a no-brainer. Speaking of no brainers, anytime you can replace pool maintenance concerns with peace of mind in knowing your chemicals levels are being controlled in a safer, more precise manner you can focus on relaxing.

    Take a look at our entire line of automatic pool chlorinators, we carry all the top brands. Give us a call if you have questions, or see this previous blog post about installation and care of a pool chlorinator.

    Blog Author
    Sheryl Somers
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